Free Online Training

I love to talk. This, you probably already know. 

I also love to teach. To show. To hear the dulcet tines of 'a-ha' through the internet vines of zoom. I run free online training about every 3-4 weeks on everything from business hacks, apps and tool to content planning and up-cycling, from making your life easier to ranty, passionate soapbox moments showing you easy it could be for your biz and your life. See... there I go again... See below for upcoming sessions - don't forget to register!


Create Consistent content

I'm all up in Content Management these days! Everything from creating a content plan that's aligned to your business and actually gives your tribe what they want and need from you to showing you my gorgeous systems for creating blogs, pods, videos and social media engagement, we cover a little of a lot in this session. 

Monday 10 July @ 11am AEST


EASY asana workflows

If it happens more than once in your business - like, ever - having an easy-to-follow process (or workflow, I like to call it) is really helpful. You want to create a a consistent, familiar experience for your tribe and your team (if you have one) and you don't want to have to reinvent the wheel every time you have to publish a blog, or run those reports, or send a newsletter etc. Workflows map out how you do stuff, who does it and links all your 'things' together. 

Wednesday 2 August @ 12pm AEST


Hire your first va on upwork

Hiring a VA (and then many more VAs) was the best thing I did for my business and my sanity. Most people who are scared to hire a VA say that what's stopping them from going ahead is:
- not knowing where to start, where to find them, how to delegate and needs to be prepared
- the perceived cost
- fear of handing over the keys to the farm
Let me show you how easy it can be to hire someone and ready your business! 

Wednesday 23rd August @ 12pm AEST


Pop your content with canva

I lurrrrrve Canva. It allows my creativity and inner wannabe designer run wild. The beauty is that you don't have to have a designer-ly bone in that gorgeous body of yours to create beautiful, professional-looking images... I'm not a designer, but I do get asked a lot if I 'do my own work' on social media, my website, presentations and more so I want to show you some simple tools I've discovered on how to use Canva to create great images to accompany your content!

Wednesday 13th Septemberr @ 12pm AEST


au pairs... a biz mama hack

When my second child was born, my husband was working FIFO and away from home three out of 4 weeks, I was trying to launch a new business (biz #4), maintain friendships and my social life, AND stay sane. We hired our first part-time Au Pair in 2014 and we've now hosted 10 Au Pairs (and a Bro-Pair) from 6 countries for a total of about 2.5 years. Learn how to make this work for your family and how much freedom, fun and family time it give you back!

Wednesday 4th October @ 12pm AEST