2-hour Intro Session 1:1

Claire Barton services intro
Claire Barton services intro

2-hour Intro Session 1:1


As you may know, I love me a system. Something you may not know is that I'm a bit lazy. And I have loads to do and I love to be busy. And what that all means is I've found some KILLER ways to get efficient and productive in my BIZ and my crazy, kid-filled, super-social, busy LIFE...


My mission is to support women to get balance and EASE into their businesses and personal lives and BEND TIME! If things in all areas are working more efficiently, all of a sudden you find all this extra time to spend however you WANT!


In this 2-hour session we will

-       Download all the stuff in your head about your business

-       Check in with your goals and projects

-       Talk about what operational systems you have/want/need

-       Talk about how you are working now vs. how you want to be working in your business

-       Work out if you ‘don’t have enough hours in your day’ or are ‘spending your hours on the wrong stuff’

-       Work out what sort of tasks need to be done BUT can/should/could be done by someone else

-       Work out what systems and processes and ‘structure’ needs to be in place for you to be able to handover these tasks

-       Chat about a plan and accountability (if you need some gentle reminding to keep you moving in the direction YOU have chosen)

-       Help you schedule your time so get a great balance

-       Work out weekly, fortnightly, monthly and once-off tasks for you to schedule in.

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Can't wait to get started!

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