Ep. 40 - Facebook Live video strategy for Business w/- Caylie Price

Caylie and I share a lot of common ideas. Namely around taking Imperfect Action to get started or begin a new project… getting out of your comfort zone is called that for a reason.

  • If you’ve been blaming the Facebook Algorithm for reduced reach, you 
  • There’s no way to hide with FB Live - you have to be yourself which means your viewers 
  • People love being able to interact with us
  • On Facebook Live, people know that you are the real person - much more approachable
  • Connective, authentic and not just #InstagramAuthentic
  • Caylie shares her strategies to get over perfectionism and get started in FB Lives
  • Tips on finding excuses to go on Live
  • Strategies that might work for you, whether it’s consistent or impromptu
  • Calls to action for your live videos
  • Structure for your Live Videos
  • Practical tips for your Live videos

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Caylie Price is the owner of Better Business Better Life and creator of FB Live to Thrive program. She teaches you how to bring tonnes of clients into your business and actually be profitable, without throwing yourself under the exhaustion bus.

Recognised as a Facebook Live expert, Caylie teaches high-impact, no-cost Facebook strategies that explode entrepreneur and business owner confidence, clients and cash. Her clients consistently use Facebook Live to sell everything from $4 affiliate products through to $997+ digital programs and services.

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