EP. 26 - My 'Better Than Perfect’ Body w/- Kathleen Ensor

From eating disorder to body love coach, this is one woman who is changing the face of perfectionism, one body image at a time! Kathleen recently came into my field of vision in the online world and her messaging around the importance of accepting, appreciating and loving your body in order for ANYTHING else in your life to have to work has truly got me lapping up everything she has to say!

We talk all things:

- Body image for mums & their kids

- Perfectionism or control? Is it the same thing?

- Weight loss, weight management… what are the numbers on your scales REALLY doing to you?

- Anorexia and Bulimia - the ultimate killer perfectionism?

- Who do you really need to impress?


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About Kathleen

Kathleen is a Transformational Life Coach and Social Worker. Her passion is helping women recover from body image issues and raising their self esteem to live a life that lights them up. She has been working on counseling women in substance abuse recovery as well and love to see the changes that lead to them being the best version if themselves.


She is in recovery from an eating disorder and have a strong calling to help other women know their worth. She is a recovered perfectionist also and that played a part in her issues with her body. It wasn't until she slowed down and addressed her self worth and body image that she found freedom from the pressure to look and be a certain size. She gives that gift to others in the hope that they will find their own freedom.


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