Ep 25 - Mind Your Own Damn Business w/- Mary Houston

Remember when you were a kid, you were always being told to ‘mind your own business’? Or was that just me? Seriously though… it was a thing, right? Then we forgot. And we got all interested and caught up in everyone else’s rubbish that is seriously started to weigh us down. Between this conversation and the work I’ve done with Trish Everett (which I also discussed in an earlier episode with her), the idea of ‘Comparisonitis’ and ‘Personal Responsibility’ is all starting to set in now. 

- Minding your own business doesn’t JUST mean minding your own business

- It also means ‘not minding everyone else’s’

- Comparison is a killer for creativity and progress

- You are unique

- Be your own version of you

- Who are you trying to impress

- Authenticity - a word WELL overused, a concept worth trying out!


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About Mary

Mary Houston is a lifecoach, meditation teacher and spiritual mentor who helps women uncover their purpose & discover their sacred self. In the last 20yrs she has helped women all over the world to change their lives & get what they want by working on a deep soul level to reveal hidden blocks & stories and fully unleash their creative power.


When she is not busy coaching or writing her book, Mary is usually chasing dinosaurs or making pancakes with her 4yo son - who is the light of her life and her wisest teacher to date!


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