Ep. 23 - #FollowTheEnergy w/- Lisa Murray

#FollowTheEnergy w/- Lisa Murray

Anyone who’s ever spoken to me probably knows of my intellectual affair with Lisa Murray (Lisa doesn’t know it, but I am eternally in her debt for opening my eyes to the beauty of energy, play and intuition in my business). Lisa’s spoken at my monthly event and we rub shoulders in the online and real life world in some of the circles we know and love. 

A total #EnergyHouse, she has the most beautiful way of looking at her world, always asking ‘what more is possible?’ and ‘how does it get better?’… questions which the universe quite often answers in incredible ways you won’t even believe!

- What does energy actually mean?
- How can you follow the energy in your business and what happens if you don’t?
- Play in my business? Am I even allowed?
- Choosing between competing priorities (so they all get done and no one’s feelings get hurt)…
- Creation and inspiration - sometimes you have to start now
- What to do when the information comes to you
- Ideas as things

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About Lisa

Lisa Murray is a creative strategist, a creation catalyst and business generator. She can contribute to your ideas and projects in unexpected and unconventional ways. Ask Lisa the questions that run through your head about the 'how' and 'what' of creating your ideas or your business. She has magical ways of unravelling the confusion and the creative blocks, enabling you to create with clarity, ease and joy.

She is the founder of Creativity Lab, has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. Her new book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016.

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