Ep. 22 No Sausage Sales w/- Janeen Vosper

No Sausage Sales w/- Janeen Vosper

Janeen, an international trainer, coach, author and podcaster fills us in on the real secret to making more sales in online business. She’s been at this gig for 20-something years and knows her stuff!

- What it takes to sell in today’s online business rat race
- The fastest way to get over your fear of selling
- What does ‘selling’ even mean these days?
- Selling for different personality types
- Give the people what they want
- People might want different things, and your product might satisfy all of them
- It’s all in the messaging

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About Janeen

Having worked for more than 20 years as General Manager of Sales for a successful multi-million dollar business; Janeen has plenty of hands-on experience coaching high performing, sales teams. Janeen’s passion is to now empower entrepreneurial women. To provide them with a confident voice so they are able to enthusiastically sell their ideas and to have the know-how to speak with influence in front of any audience.

She does this through workshops, one-one-one coaching, organised mastermind groups and the We Are Women Podcast. Author of ‘Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling’ , Janeen encourages all her clients to feel love and self-respect in every sales conversation.

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