Ep. 21 Blogging and your Written Personality w/- Elizabeth Campbell

Blogging and your Written Personality w/- Elizabeth Campbell

Talk about ‘WOW’ words - this Word Stylist is a fountain of content knowledge and you are going to love her tips about writing and creating content for your business.

Liz and I work in similar ways, setting up structure and processes for consistent content creation and dissemination and as she’s an ex-journo, she knows how to use the written word to get your message and services out there!

- How to plan your blogs
- Frequency of blogs for success in your business
- CTA (Call To Action) or no CTA… what’s the best way?
- Does my opinion count in my blog?
- Is a blog part of my sales funnel?
- How to get started if you’re not a natural blogger/writer?
- The recipe for blogging success
- An easy alternative to writing
- How to get more mileage from each thing you create!

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About Liz

Award-winning journalist and editor Elizabeth Campbell has spent more than 15 years in the media telling people’s stories and mentoring up-and-coming writers.

Ever since she was a little girl, Elizabeth has always loved everything that happens at the intersection of writing and beauty. When she was 4, she’d already penned her first book and by 14 was a published journalist.

Today, Elizabeth is The Word Stylist and Amazon best-selling author of the book Wow Words on the Web. She is the founder of EC Writing Services and helps small businesses look good online through words. Elizabeth also teaches small business owners the art of blogging, speaks on the topic and runs the Business Styling networking group.

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