Ep. 20 - Reinvention for Perfectionists w/- Karen Schmidt

Reinvention for Perfectionists w/- Karen Schmidt

I met Karen at a recent speaking event I went to in Brisbane. I was a little awe-struck in a kind of ‘I want to be like you when I grow up’ kind of way. A naturally charismatic, eloquent and interesting woman - and a bloody good speaker - I giggled like a schoolgirl when she said to me ‘it’s like I’m talking to myself ten years ago’ (at least thats what I did later on in my car when no one could see or hear me). Epic compliment. 

I was also totally intrigued by her newest project - and the basis of her speech that night - The Reinventor Project. She’s speaking to women around Australia - and maybe further afield - who have reinvented themselves, or are in the process of doing so. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by her and it sparked my interest in her journey thus far. 

It’s true, we do have many things in common… including having both lived in Darwin, having and HR background and being completely fascinated by people’s stories!

We chat about:
- What is reinvention?
- Why do people do it?
- Is reinvention intrinsically linked to our vocation at any time?
- Reinvention vs. Perfectionism
- The catalysts for reinvention and some personal a-ha moments
- How many times can you really, truly reinvent yourself?

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About Karen

Karen Schmidt took 14 years working in 7 different industries before she discovered her strength, completed a degree in Adult Education and started her own speaking, training and coaching business.

Over the next 18 years she worked with large corporates, small businesses and not for profits across 8 countries helping them to develop their people. She also helped many people get promoted, change careers and start their own businesses. Along the way she wrote 5 books on personal growth and leadership.

Her goal now is to help people reinvent. She wants to show them that needing to reinvent is not a sign of failure. It’s a sign that they’re smart enough to realise that life never stands still and to succeed long term you need to keep reinventing.

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