Ep. 18 - Real Authentic w/- Courts Lippett

You know how EVERYONE is using the word ‘authentic’ these days, but most of the time, that’s code for ‘I put on full makeup, did my hair, got dressed, styled my background and placed a crumb on my desk to mess the scene up so I could take this “authentic” selfie’? Yeah… not this chick. Courts Lippett’s personal brand is ‘Daggily Authentic’ and she lives and breathes this in her personal and business life.

I first came across Courts in the online world - we have so much in common, including born-and-bred in Adelaide, multiple-income-stream enthusiasts, husbands-with-workplace-injuries, two young insane children, business babes and being ok with those selfies and FB Lives where we have crumb-covered floors, double chins and screaming lunatics in the background of everything we do. 

Since then, we’ve worked together, stayed at each others homes, cried down the phone, laughed hysterically at the crazies in our lives and a gazillion other things. She swears almost as much as I do and drinks coffee like a mad woman. I love Courts and you will too!

- What authentic actually means (and it isn’t what you think)

- Her JV, Smart Chicks, and her incredible business partner, Kirsty (also interviewed in a separate episode)

- How she came up with her personal brand (and the super clever woman who helped her)

- Juggling all the things and what choices she’s made

- Getting over yourself and just showing up

- Making commitments to yourself and your tribe

- Social media - how much of yourself gets to come to the party

- Multiple income streams

- Being flexible, agile and responsive

- Having the confidence to give stuff a go

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About Courts

I’m not going to lie, my #mumthuglife as a business owner with young children can only be described as daggily authentic.

Now I get to use my superpowers of being a huge arse vision creator, brainstorming buddy and business strategist to help you imagine your brilliance into life.

I can’t wait to meet you! xx

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