Ep. 17 - The Shop Girl… why retail made me awesome at business

“Oh, you still just work in a shop?” and a million other asinine questions non-retailers ask people who work in retail after ago 17. 

People are loving the show but also asking for more of moi! So thanks - and here ya go! I wanted to start by filling you in on a bit of my background. I started working in retail before I turned 15 and finally left ‘for good’ in late 2010. 

- I worked for international brands

- had massive exposure and autonomy

- managed teams of more than 100 people

- controlled stock levels

- balanced organisational demands with staff happiness levels and customer service

- turned over in excess of $11m 

- has access to logistics and operations of international flagship businesses

- had a tonne of fun and got to wear gorgeous clothes!


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