Ep. 16 - #OwnIt… Personal Responsibility & Meeting Your Needs w/- Trish Everett

Trish Everett

#OwnIt… Personal Responsibility & Meeting Your Needs w/- Trish Everett


I have long been a complete #fangirl of Trish Everett’s. From following her around on social media, to casual Skype chats about one thing or another, I lap up pretty much everything she put out into the world. In early 2016, my husby and I completed her signature program, Sweet Talk - an online couple’s communication course LIKE NO OTHER. When you do a communication course, you expect to ‘learn’ about open language, body talk and active listening. Sweet Talk was SO MUCH MORE. Anyone who’s ever spoken to me for more than 5 minutes will probably have heard me wax lyrical about Trish and Sweet Talk and the immensely deep shifts I felt during and since the course. Trish took us through processes to uncover our relationship styles (eek), our behaviour (double eek) and our needs (eeeeeeek!) and one of my biggest takeaways was about Personal Responsibility… that is:

- Owning your own stuff

- Not owning everyone else’s

- Standing in and honouring your own truth

- “I am powerful” (not just responsible)

- The Cereal Bowl of Doom

- Setting boundaries, moving them and respecting others’

- What actually ARE my needs

- How do I communicate my needs

- How can I meet my own needs

- Why do I ‘have to’ do this

- Who am I doing all this for?


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