Ep. 14 - De-Wooing My Woo-Woo w/- Karen Geddis

Karen Geddis

De-Woo Your Woo-Woo


Karen is on a mission to remove the stigma and taboo from intuition. We had the most incredible conversation about my intuitive journey (which I literally haven’t even packed the bags for, I’m so close to the beginning). We initially came into each others lives several months ago when we kept virtually bumping into each other, and as she explains, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. We talk about:

- Intuition and what it looks like for you

- Vibration and energy 

- High vibing and what the heck that even means

- The 4 things intuition looks like

- Following the energy and why it’s CRUCIAL to business success

- How to listen

- Two experiences I had yesterday that made intuition REAL for me!

- Daydreaming is the best thing you can do to connect to your intuition!


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Karen is an intuitive coach and mentor who can help you easily identify your next steps, be clear on your direction, and eradicate your self-doubt, procrastination and overwhelm by using your intuition, thoughts and emotions.


Karen works with you to hone your higher guidance/intuition/inner knowledge so that your intuition is on tap (and not just showing up at random moments or out of the blue), which she believes is the key to more confidence, clarity, ease & flow in life and business.


She’s super-passionate about being the example to her three daughters of a woman knows that her power lies in embodying her intuitive self so that she can create a business that contributes in a big way to her family’s income, with the time to spend with them and the freedom to do what lights her up.


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