Ep. 12 - Easy Street w/- Swapna Thomas

I’ve had a serious BIZ CRUSH on Swapna since I first came across this Queen of Content! She’s diverse, she’s clever, she’s great fun and does business HER WAY! I’ve watched as her business has transformed and am alway in awe at her constantly new and shiny things! Recently, I was impressed in particular by a post she made in Facebook Land, about how it’s ok to take the easy option - a sentiment I seriously echo! 

- Business is an experiment 

- It’s ok to fail

- Having the courage to TRY is the most important thing

- Whatever happens, #OwnIt

- Ask for help and lift up others around you

- There are easy ways to do everything!


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Swapna Thomas is an Online Business Alchemist for coaches, consultants and other service based entrepreneurs. She loves to work with Fearless women who are out to change the world with their message and helps them blend the right potion of strategy, mindset and systems in their business to not just survive and thrive but conquer. Her education, experience and endless passion for online business and content marketing makes her YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.



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