Ep. 10 - Motherhood, Business & #RawHonesty w/- Anna Siebert

Anna Siebert

Motherhood, Business & Raw Honesty


I absolutely LOVE Anna’s no-B.S. approach to raw and real parenting, nurturing your children AS WELL AS yourself and the space she holds for mothers to own their struggles, their wins and whatever is going on for them at the moment. We chat all things:

- Parenting pressures and what influences us (and when)

- Why we yell (and what yelling is a symptom of)

- Asking for help and owning our sorrow

- Balancing and blending and filling all the buckets

- Following the energy on any given time

- Planning vs. going with the flow


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Anna Siebert is a childbirth educator and motherhood mentor living in Australia. She brings her health and social science background together with her experience in neurological development, meditation teaching and working with kids and teens, and creates a place where science and magic come together.


Her birthing workshops and birth coaching prepare women for the birth they want and help them to come through the experience positive and empowered, and her personal mentoring and courses help women find calm in the chaos of modern motherhood.


Anna knows birth doesn't have to be scary, and motherhood doesn't have to be this hard, and loves being able to share her experience and wisdom to make this a reality.


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