Ep. 09 - Branding & Avoidance w/- Emma Weise

Emma Weise

Emma was one of the first people I had anything to do with in the online business world. Early on, her 7-day challenge helped me articulate my brand, my message and my client charter (in was sexier terms than that) and just this basic interaction was inspirational - the little extras she offered were nurturing, creative and personal. I couldn’t wait to chat to her about:

- The process of understanding, developing and refining your brand

- Some little niggles that stop people from getting started

- Consistency in branding

- Branding for your own benefit - as well as for your clients

- Getting swept up in detail

- Social media and your brand

- Making decisions and owning your mistakes


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Emma lives in a world where brand experiences should be as awesome as self-saucing chocolate pudding… and she’s on a mission to help women coaches and mentors feel confident in the brand they project to the world. She lives in a tiny town in South Africa,  but her clients are all over the globe, and when she isn’t creating icons, or decadent instagram templates… she can be found stealing something from her garden to make a “flower arrangement” for the BnB, or trying to encourage her kidlet to read a book… and then searching for the closest glass of wine whilst connect with Hubby over the day’s events [that’s if they didn’t sneak out for a coffee that day!]. 


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