Ep. 08 - Better an Oops than a What If? w/- Lisa Brincat

Lisa Brincat

Better an ‘OOPS!' than a 'what if?’


The first time Lisa and I chatted - a fifteen minute call turned into an hour and we could have carried on for hours! I was totally intrigued by Lisa’s impressive history and we totally bonded over some personal stuff, including ‘The Motherhood Thing’ and what that had meant for each of us… A couple of months (and much loving stalkage) later, she posted a blog somewhere in Facebook Land, with the title ‘Better and ‘oops’ than a ‘what if?’’… and I knew we had to chat… 

- Owning your mistakes

- How admitting you stuffed up actually improves your KLT factor

- Lessons from peaking too soon

- The beauty of small wins

- Partnerships and holding each other up

- Learning from your f*** ups and moving on

- Creating something better 

- Messages from the Universe


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Lisa Brincat is a chartered accountant, project manager and business coach (and recovering overachiever). She started her career at Deloitte, and has partnered with several multinational clients including Johnson and Johnson and BHP Billiton.

Passions include Wealth Creation, leadership, teaching and learning and helping people achieve flexibility and freedom. Life is a journey not a competition, so and believes in the future of collaborations. Her very first boss gave her the advice - always work with people you like. It has stood the test of time and she is continually finding awesome people to have fun with while still making an impact for clients.

Mum of two, hopeless at housework, lover of chocolate pudding and having a laugh. Biggest strength and weakness is the wanting to help gene. Generally known as the attitude adjuster - having fun while making progress.


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