Ep. 07 - Hacks for Home & Biz w/- Jasmine Andrews

Jasmine Andrews

Business Hacks - Asana & Evernote


Jasmine and I totally geek out over online tools and systems, and this episode is no different… I thought I was pretty tech-savvy… and then I met Jasmine.. This woman takes it to the next level… cray cray and endless possibilities… I just want to hand her the keys to my biz systems and tell her to wake me up when it’s done...

- Getting traction by having all ideas and tasks in one location

- Preparing the business for growth by having a business process hub in Asana

- Learning to think about tech as a way to make things easier instead of being something that makes business too hard

- How to choose a new tool and whether to jump in and sign up for something new


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Jasmine is a certified digital business strategist and qualified tech trainer. She specialises in WordPress websites based around a solid content strategy, and loves to help people overcome tech overwhelm through a range of services from consulting through to development and training. Before kids, she was a tech writer and training specialist for blue chip clients.


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