Ep. 06 - Inner Critics & Perfectionism w/- Liz Scarfe

Liz Scarfe

Your inner critics & your business


“Inner Critic” is a pretty new term and concept to me… The first time Liz and I chatted, I asked her to explain - simply - what the hell everyone meant when they said ‘inner critic’ and I LOVED her analogy (listen in for it) and it really helped me to understand, make sense of it all and start to make some decisions about how I was and wasn’t going to interact with them anymore.

- What an inner critic is

- How they can show up in your business

- Inner Critics can be transferred onto other people

- Calling your inner critics on the BS 

- Allowing your inner critics to talk over the real you is like watching your kid get bullied and doing nothing about it

- Assertively overcoming your inner critics

- Understanding where they come from

- Some inner critics have important roles to play to keep you safe

- Some are killers and really need some work to get past


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Liz is a Melbourne-based psychotherapist specialising in confidence issues (of which perfectionism is a symptom). She works with people one-on-one and in workshops, helping people transform negative inner talk, issues with power and boundaries, life purpose, and growth after trauma and abuse.


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