Ep. 04 - Selfies, Events & Connection w/- Elle Roberts

Elle Roberts

Selfies, Events & Connection


We planned to talk about events… what we actually talked about was soooo much more… 

- Selfies and who they’re for

- Connection and building a profile and holding space for others to do so

- Becoming an accidental celebrity

- Where the Artful Business Conference came from (and why it won’t go away)

- Planning and budgeting for small and large events

- Ways to get involved with various types on events

- Lots of other random stuff xx


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Elle is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP.

Elle love small business. she believes the freedom, the flexibility and the empowerment that earning money on your own terms gives you is worth fighting for. "I believe the world becomes a better place when we find a way to do what we love for a living."

Her passion is in empowering women sort the systems and strategies so they can thrive doing work that fills their soul and not only inspires them, but helps to change the world.

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