Ep. 03 - Loving Your Clients Hard w/- Ale Wiecek

Ale Wiecek

Loving your Customers HARD


“God I wish I worked with you when I first started my business” is the eternal mutters from my mouth to Ale. We have done some AWESOME sessions together which have refined and clarified my ideal client, my client journey and how it all intertwines with my values and beliefs… She’s incredible at what she does, with a very impressive career and life history.. she tells us

- What do customers actually want from you

- The difference between personalisation and individualisation

- Touchpoints that can be passive and active

- How many times does someone have to interact with you before the buy

- Social media and building your KLT factor

- Simple ways to get started on giving your customers a unique and authentic experience with you

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Ale is the proud founder of Sqr One, a Brisbane-based Customer Experience consultancy dedicated to help entrepreneurs, small and medium size biz owners develop profitable and meaningful customer-centric strategies that improve engagement and drive sales.

She's originally from Venezuela and landed in Australia in 2011 when her husband Mike (whom she met while living in the UK) promised sun and great weather. As a mother of two very active little ones she decided that after being in corporate for more than 16 years working for brands such as Microsoft, Siemens, OPSM and Bayer, life was too short to not do something worth living for and just like that, Sqr One was born.


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