Hack My Biz Workshops

This jam-packed half-day workshop will help you to get organised with your business systems... anything that happens more than once (think: blog distribution, newsletter sending, social media scheduling, financial reporting) can be turned into an easy-to-follow workflow so you or your team can create a consistent experience for your tribe and take the guess-work out of reinventing the wheel every five minutes!


Claire Barton Business Hacks Workshop

'Workflow' is a sexy word for 'process' and I promise this is going to make your life so much easier! Anything that's repeatable in your business can have a workflow with as little or as much detail as you need - and there's an easy way to make them!

Claire Barton business hacks Workshop

Speaking of that 'easy way', I'll show you my fave apps and tools to create these workflows so no matter who's completing your business functions, the result and process are consistent! 

Claire Barton Business Hacks Workshop

At some point in your business and for a variety of reasons, you'll probably start outsourcing some functions in your business... You know, so you can focus on your zone of genius and let someone else do all the other stuff!

Workshops are 4 hours long, and you're encouraged to bring along your laptop, smart phone, chargers, notebooks, pens and big ideas. 
We squeeze a lot in to these sessions so you walk away with an actionable, practical plan that's easy to implement and stick to!

Please get in touch for future workshop dates - email crew@clairebarton.com.au


Get your business organised, consistent and aligned to your goals!

Claire is a super planner and business organizer.. she hates wasting time, money and energy and she's going to show us some easy hacks to systemise our businesses!


Hi! I'm Claire :)

I do love to make things easier.. there's a LOT of stuff we want to be doing in our businesses and just doing the bare minimum can sometimes feel like too much hard work! 

I'd like to show you some of my fave apps and tools for making your business feel easier, creating a better experience for your customer and giving you some of that precious time back to do more of the things that light you up (and I'm guessing that's not your admin!)

I love FREE tools such as 


I'll show you how I use these and how you can create work-flows, checklists and systems for all aspects of your business so things are done consistently, with as little 'reinventing the wheel' as possible! Ideally, there will be things that you can outsource eventually and this sets you and your business up for it perfectly! 

Can't wait to meet you and get to know more about your businesses! Don't forget to bring your laptop, charger, smart phone and notebook+pen :)

If you have any specific questions or problem-areas, feel free to email me on hello@clairebarton.com.au and I'll try to make sure they're factored into the workshop on the day. Also check out my website for more ideas on what you can expect (there's also a free training video on some of these apps in the freebies tab) www.clairebarton.com.au