14 Ways to Simplify Your Business in Under Half an Hour

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When you first set out in your business, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, footloose and fancy-free, you, like many of us, probably went about the place, collecting free printables, mini-courses, challenges, templates, checklists, video series and all sorts of shiny downloadables.

You know the ones. You swap your email address and a small part of your soul to get that micro-resource that will make all the difference in your business. It’s delivered straight to your inbox and you’re on your way to changing the world.

Next thing you know, you’ve paid for courses you’ve hardly attended, you’ve got all the plans and no idea how to implement them, a dance-card that’s swiftly filling up with clients you’re not sure how to nurture, an email list you feel like you should be doing something with (“didn’t I download some free guide-to-email-sequences once?”), a calendar that doesn’t quite work, subscriptions to half a dozen apps you’ve never even logged in to and don’t even get me started on all those unread messages and emails.

Anyone else sweating a little…? from their eyeballs…?

Stop. Breathe. Take yourself a swift shot of <insert your poison… caffeine, vodka, vitamin c>


When it all feels too forking* complicated, it probably is. Put down the KonMari book for a second and step away from your wardrobe. Simplifying your business will relax you, reward you and calm you the fork* down. Then you go fold your t-shirts.

14 Ways to Simplify Your Business

1. Move everything that’s been in your inbox for more than 1 month to an ‘archive’ folder. If you haven’t had to search for something in there in another month, delete them all

2. Clean up your workspace. Throw out notes you never look at, dead flowers and put that nerf gun back in your kid’s room. This is YOUR creative and productive space, not a dumping ground for all and sundry

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3. Add some navel-gazing time to your week. Time dedicated to purposely doing nothing. Nada. Zip. Stare out the window. Lie on the couch and admire your ceiling. Watch paint dry. Breathe

4. Put a call out to donate half an hour of your time helping someone who’s a few steps behind you on a similar journey. It’s miraculous how giving wanted advice and imparting some of your knowledge also lets you give yourself a high-five about how far you’ve come (and how awesome you are at your thing) and makes you stop sweating the small stuff, while also giving someone else a leg-up

5. Book in with someone to help you with a task or project. Once you know you’ll be getting help with That Thing, it’ll be out of your head and free up your headspace

6. Go to your calendar and cancel something that’s not-essential. Busy-ness for busy-ness sake is dumb

7. Clean out your To Do list(s)... get it all in one place and throw all those bits of paper out. Oh, and don’t move shit onto the new one that don’t actually need to be done

8. Start your day doing something you love. Frogs are not a breakfast food

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9. Organise a weekly half-hour, online catch up with your biz bestie… you get 15 minutes each to download, brain dump, #PissAndMoan and get it all off your chest so those niggly little things don’t ruin your entire week

10. Remove old apps, games and other stoopid time-drainers from your phone or laptop. Tetris is so 1992

11. Make a bucket list of things you’d do if you weren’t so freakin’ busy all the time. Then stop being so god-damned busy all the time and get to checking those bad boys off

12. Go move some money around. If you’re a Barefoot Investor or a Profit Firster (or you like paying yourself and stashing money in emergency accounts), go move some of that. Knowing where your pennies are is super smart and a load off your mind

13. Move aaaaall the files from your ‘desktop’, ‘downloads’ and Other Random Places Your Computer Saves Files to a folder called ‘DELETE ME ON <INSERT DATE 1 MONTH FROM NOW>’. As with your emails, if you haven’t needed it in the next 30 days, delete those mofos… you don’t need that heavy clutter in your life

14. Email or PM me with something you struggle to simplify in your business - I’ll be doing some Facebook Lives on this topic and will tag you when I respond to yours!

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