I Appreciate You

100 things (and people) I'm grateful for... and why!

I appreciate you. Three words. Just three words, and, to my mind, the very best compliment.

‘I appreciate you’’s cousins, ‘I appreciate that’ and ‘I appreciate what you did’ are always welcome at my place too, but the simplicity and directness of ‘I appreciate you’ carries so much gratitudinous weight and connection. There’s no running away from it, no brushing anything under the carpet, no hiding behind a behaviour or act. No asterix here.

‘I appreciate you’ means all of you. Regardless. Unconditionally. YOU.

While gratitude is a hot topic in many of the gorgeous circles I’m lucky enough to be part of. It’s a catch-phrase encompassing all forms of thanks. It’s a self-love ritual. It’s imperative to manifesting all the magnificent things we want in our lives, and what many believe will set us free.

As we look fear in the face and stand up to it, we can also open our eyes, look at the people - and things - in our lives and give them some love. I appreciate you.

Like all of us, I have a million things to be grateful for, so why is it so confronting to come up with 100? Here’s what tops my list!

100 Things I’m GRATEFUL for...

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  1. My children Zev and Ilse are my favourites, ever and always

  2. Their health even when they’re sick, they’re healthy

  3. My husband Glen, I love you with everything I have

  4. Being healthy and excellent healthcare when I’m not

  5. My mum you are brave and gentle; the BEST combination

  6. My dad thanks for your advice and adoration

  7. My sisters Leila and Emma… my #Inspo

  8. My friends every - single - one

  9. My best friends you are my rocks

  10. My old friends even if we don’t talk very often

  11. My home even the word itself is inviting

  12. … and knowing that I’m welcome in many others thank you for the open doors

  13. My dog George, my first-born

  14. The internet can’t live with it, can’t live without it

  15. Date nights especially the quiet, spontaneous ones

  16. Great books and stopping at chapter 1 if it’s not a great book

  17. Average books if it’s well-written or at least a good story

  18. Coffee table books makes for a pretty coffee table

  19. Funny books like rabbits in toasters

  20. Pinterest how else would I know how to style things

  21. Air-conditioning I’m a nicer person when I’m not sweating

  22. Childcare I take my hat off to you

  23. Block out blinds because 4am is a swear word

  24. My business because it’s easy and aligned and helping people I love

  25. My clients you teach me on the daily

  26. My failures you teach me on the daily

  27. My experiments and the confidence to try

  28. Chocolate just chocolate

  29. Good Music to match the moods

  30. My Biz Besties you know who you are

  31. Financial stability and the ability to give

  32. A nice car with aircon (see #21)

  33. Nice clothes especially stretch jersey

  34. Compliments they almost all count

  35. Online women in business community #LadyBosses

  36. Sleep and my comfy AF bed #Cloudland

  37. Perfume and thank goodness we’ve graduated from Impulse

  38. Travel you are defs my fave

  39. Tarot Readers for the mystery and the not-so-mystery

  40. Indoor plants for the oxygen and the aesthetics

  41. Pedicures you don’t want to see those tootsies otherwise

  42. Foot rubs and people generous enough to do them

  43. Cheese because it’s made from cheese

  44. Walking on the beach it makes everything ok

  45. Water you are mighty useful

  46. Beautiful homewares hello cushions

  47. Coffee ‘go get ‘em, Tiger’

  48. Wine ‘we’ll go get ‘em tomorrow, Tiger’

  49. Girl’s weekends the real life #LiveLaughLove

  50. Being able to read & write literacy is truly a gift

  51. Creativity and being encouraged to express it

  52. Freedom of speech or I’d be in trouble

  53. Peace and quiet and safety

  54. Cuddles can fix everything

  55. RomComs Jen, Jude and Julia

  56. Living on a cul-de-sac that is safe for my children to play on

  57. Body love advocates you make this muffin top ok

  58. Blu-tac for sticking pictures to every wall

  59. Mangoes the only fruit I won’t argue about eating

  60. Art class I didn’t learn much art, but i did make BFFs

  61. Yoga I’m dreadful at it, but I love it

  62. Facetime my kids will never know a time where they couldn’t talk to and see their family

  63. My kids’ laughter it means you are happy

  64. My kids’ crying it means you are alive

  65. Online shopping although the #ChardonnayEffect is deadly, retail trauma is no longer an issue

  66. Old work colleagues I miss you

  67. Makeup you make me feel like dancing

  68. Hairdressers for turning blue-black to blonde #WWIT

  69. My driver’s licence so I can go places

  70. Indoor play centres holiday sanity

  71. Netflix binge watching and baby-sitting for ten bucks a month

  72. Parenting coaches so I know I only have to aim for 30%

  73. Democracy to have a say in things like #LoveIsLove (finally)

  74. Swimming pools weightlessness, coolness and fun

  75. Good advice things could have been very different

  76. Bad advice I needed to hear you, if only to exercise my eye-rolling muscles

  77. Being able to tell the difference usually

  78. Common sense less common than dollars

  79. Critical thinking and question asking and the grade 10 class that introduced this as an occupation

  80. My feet they’ve taken me some freaking incredible places

  81. Comfy chairs to take a load off those awesome feet

  82. Nutella runny toast chocolate

  83. My teachers you’ve all taught me at least one thing

  84. Imagination overactive though it can be

  85. iPhones for all your procrastination enablers

  86. Stand-up comedy Danny Bhoy you are a legend

  87. Snuggly blankets to stay warm in that crazy cold airconditioning

  88. Mirrors where else could I practice my hairbrush-microphone singing?

  89. Recyclables #SaveThePlanet

  90. Discounts I’m thrifty AF

  91. Handicrafts I love to have you and sometimes make you

  92. Round towels you guys are like TLC… Crazy - Sexy - Cool

  93. The hygge concept look it up… you’re welcome

  94. Spelling and being 99% fab at it (and being ok with not red-penning everything)

  95. Stationery and pretty stationery stores

  96. Excellent photographers to capture all the memories

  97. Fresh herbs you smell good and make everything taste better

  98. Blue skies and grey skies and fluffy clouds and storms

  99. Instagram for inspo, info and a creative outlet.

  100. YOU. I appreciate YOU.


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