The Great (Content) Treasure Hunt

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The Great (Content) Treasure Hunt

10 Pieces of Existing Content You’ve Completely Forgotten About

Everything is Content. Content is everything. If you have a business, you have content. You can’t have a business and not have content. 

I’m all about efficiency, and obliterating the soul-crushing time-waster that is ‘the reinventing of the wheels’. 

How often have you spent time creating something, only to realise, some time later, that you’d already created something almost - if not - identical? 

How often have you sent the saaaaaaaame email reiterating the saaaaaaame information about the saaaaaaame thing to yet another person and thought ‘I sound like a broken record’?

How often have you been tagged in a social media post, spent 15 minutes, thoughtfully answering a question and giving your two-bob’s worth, only to be tagged in a similar post a week later and have to answer it aaaaall over again?

Frustrating, right? Those moments are eye-rollingly, neck-twitchingly frustrating and on top of all that you have to come up with yet anooooother blog for your weekly newsletter… #FTS

Claire Barton Frustrated Business Blog

One of the first things I get my Batchies to do is to go on a Content Treasure Hunt. This is almost always a surprising experiment, where you remember / find / see in a new light, all the gorgeous content you already have! 

I use the term ‘up-cycle’ because it sounds a bit kitsch, but this is also called ‘repurpose’, reuse’ and ‘recycle’. Whatever you want to call it, I want you to save time, brain-power and energy on your content creation and here are some places to chart (read: check) on your treasure map of goodness!

1. Already published blogs and vlogs

Have a scroll through previously published blogs. Which could be tweaked, updated, or varied slightly to create a whole new blog?
Also, consider throwing a few of them together and creating an eBook, a guide or a mini-course

2. Website

You know all those countless hours you spent, stewing over what to write for your home page, about page and all the other pages…? That right there is GOLDEN content… use it, reuse it, repurpose it. Everytime you have to write an introduction, you can borrow from these pages. 
Also, your website is just as dynamic as you are. Nothing is set in stone, so don’t forget to update details on your pages to keep your audience in-the-know and the SEOBots happy too…


3. Launch / sales / event promo copy

Whatever you’re promoting, you’ve probably created a certain amount of content for it. Whether it’s an online course, a webinar, an event or something else, you’re likely to have created content to be delivered in the thing as well as to sell the thing. Please, oh please, don’t re-write your entire promo copy every time you’re marketing on social media, in emails, or directly. Sure, change it up, tweak it and speak about it in various ways for your various audiences, but don’t rewrite your entire sales page for each Facebook group on #PromoDay, mmm-kay?

4. Replies to questions on Social Media

One of my fave hacks is copy-n-paste… If I ever spend more than a few seconds replying to a question, tag or anything else on social media, you bet I’m reusing that so that my audience gets the benefit, as well as the initial audience. Sometimes I schedule it straight to my FB page (not once, but 3-6 times over the next 6 months). Sometimes I paste it into iNotes or Evernote to use later. 
Tip: Go into a few of your fave Facebook groups and search #<insert tag used in this group> and your name… find your posts or comments, cut-n-paste… voila, you probably have a few mini-blogs just by doing this simple exercise. 

5. Newsletter

If you send newsletters, you have content. All the usual newsletter content suspects, such as your love letter (the behind-the-scenes stuff… what’s going on on your life), your promo material, content and/or event round-ups, speaker announcements and more. Have a look through your previous newsletters and emails for some reusable material…
Also, you could have reusable content in campaign- or list-specific emails, both automated and and one-off!


6. Product & Service Specific Content

Every time you deliver something, you are likely to have created some content. Whether it’s a course, a webinar, a workshop, a meetup, a podcast, an interview, or a tangible product, you might have content in the form of
- Slides
- Workbooks
- Keynote speech notes
- Upsell promo copy
- Audio and/or video recording
- Talking points
- Landing page copy
- Social media promo copy
- Bio and/or CV
Use this stuff to the max. It’s juicy, and you don’t have to worry about giving away the farm… we’re talking about bite-sized, but valuable, useful and practical information that will give your audience a gorgeous glimpse of you and your biz!

7. Opt-ins

Got any old opt-ins that would be better served as a freebie these days? Ungated or gated, you probably have created (or partly-created) a stack of stuff you’ve since forgotten about. Blow off the cobwebs, if it’s still relevant and useful, and breathe new life into them!

8. Comms with your team

Whether you’ve sent a detailed request to complete a certain task or you’ve explained your why, your mission, your client charter or something else, if you’ve taken the time to create something, get curious about how else you can use it?

9. Podcast, summit and interview recordings

Classic example of a content type that’s typically spruiked for a mili-second and then left on your website to die a lonely death. Yes, these need to be consistently reinvigorated and brought back to the fore on social media regularly, but how else can you use these? With permission from the owner and/or original author, of course, why not share these on your own YouTube channel, your website, or elsewhere? Take snippets and create some teensy sound-bites for Facebook. Record a FB live talking about your recent interview and link to it. Turn it into a blog post. Write a blog about the process of being involved in XYZ… The possibilities are almost endless. 

10. Check your files

Lastly, have a bit of hunt around for started, finished and in-creation pieces of content. Look in places like Dropbox, voice recordings on your phone, documents on your laptop, notebooks, Asana, Evernote, iNotes, Canva and anywhere else you may have started something and not gone back to it. 

As you can see, there’s probably loads of content to be found and renewed in your repertoire already. These things can be turned into anything you and your tribe need…

  • Blogs and video blogs
  • Podcast episodes
  • Facebook Live videos
  • eBooks and book-books
  • Video Courses
  • Workshops and webinars
  • PDF template / printable
  • Social media posts
  • Email series, and so on!

So go, my lovely, and enjoy your hunt for buried (content) treasure! Can’t wait to see what you uncover!



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