7 morning rituals to get more s**t done

7 morning rituals to get more s**t done

Productivity. Does the very word itself make you shudder in your undies? Are you left a trembling mess whenever someone asks you what you got done today? Stop (collaborate and listen). It’s going to be ok.

Join the club of I-Can’t-Listen-To-One-More-Person-Tell-Me-To-Eat-A-F***ing-Frog-ers and let’s get savvy about designing a realistically productive – and enjoyable (nope, they’re not mutually exclusive) – day… hold the Amphibian Breakfast.

1.     Plan it yesterday
Before you hit ‘shut down’, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax for the evening, take stock of what you did and didn’t get done today. Work out what has to be done tomorrow and identify those tasks (highlight them, make them bold, dust them in glitter etc.). Look at your calendar for tomorrow and mentally prepare for what the day will look like. When you sit down at your desk/laptop/couch the next day, you can literally just follow the plan.


2.     Declutter your workspace
I’m not talking all Kikki-K up in your workspace if that doesn’t appeal to you. If a bit of organised chaos is your jam, by all means – go nuts. However, if you feel the need to ‘file’ all those lose papers in your trash bin lest you completely lose your mind, it’s time for some dedicated decluttering, baby! Schedule some time to clear it out and make it part of your daily ritual to create and maintain a beautiful, peaceful space in which you can be your most productive self. Creating a little alter TO YOU is a great motivation to keep it in view and gorgeous!

Claire Barton Declutter Tidy Office

3.     Frogs are not a breakfast food
Remember when your dad used to burst into your room at Stupid O’Clock, pull the blinds, flood your sleepy/hungover eyes with sunlight and announce that it was time to spread three cubic metres of mulch through the garden? Nope? I do. And let me tell you, I wasn’t exactly swinging my legs out of bed and bouncing down the stairs with vim, nor vigour. If the first thing you have to do every day is unpleasant, unfun and completely crap, life is too. There I said it. Do something NICE first up. Connect with someone. Call your BFF. Read a book. Drink great coffee. Unless frog is the latest Paleo ingredient in your green juice, life is too short for slimy hopping things in the morning.

4.     Make 3 minutes for pure gratitude
You know that Law Of Attraction thing? Write a thank you card. Call your mum. Meditate on how incredible this beautiful world really is. Journal. Get Happay!

5.     Schedule your BAUs
That’s ‘Business-As-Usual’. All the things you do on a regular basis can be organised and batched. For example, you might want to do all your finance-y things on a weekly basis. Put it in your calendar as a recurring task (say, half an hour every Friday morning). You might take a class or join regular online training. Put it in the calendar. Want to start documenting your processes? Put it in the calendar. All these things are a part of running your business and they are as important as serving your tribe and changing the world, one gorgeous client session at a time. So you need to make space for them in your routine.

6.     Detox your To Do List
“I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a To Do List. Asking it to get smaller.” How long has that thing actually been on there? Why is it still on there? Has the world imploded due to its not-having-been-done-ness? If the answer is no, it gets a tick in the checkbox. Declutter that To Do List.

7.     Drink all the coffee


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