26 Things that made 2017 my most successful year yet

26 Things that made 2017 my most successful year yet

Some subtle, and some not-so-subtle changes I made this year and the massive impact they had on my business

16, 17, 18...

Most people seemed to agree that 2016 could go shove it up its jumper (and by ‘it’ I mean everything). And many people also seem to agree that 2017 has been surprisingly great and all about consolidating and simplifying, and I, for one, couldn’t agree more.

Towards the end of 2016, one of my fave #BizBesties, Ale Wiecek (SqrOne) asked me a simple, yet monumental question. Amongst some other important work we were doing, designing the experience I want my tribe to have with me, the question she asked was “What 3 things do you want to spend most of your time doing?”

My answers, though simple and completely obvious in my head, were, I discovered, the 3 things I was doing the least of at that time. LEAST. What the hell.

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What were the 3 things?

  1. Speaking, podcasting, blogging and all things content
  2. 1:1 Mentoring and coaching
  3. Online group program teaching and training

At the time I wrote these things down, the three things I was actually spending most of my time on was 1. Managing other people’s business (and spending much more time making other people’s lives and businesses easier and more fulfilling than my own); 2. Admin and stuff that didn’t fill my cup, and; 3. Creating big fancy things that didn’t go anywhere because they were never ‘finished’ (because they weren’t aligned to me and my goals).


I’m so thankful to Ale for so many things, any especially for asking me that 1 simple question. I have changed so much about my business structure, model, hours, services, branding and messaging and as a result, I have double my income, tripled my profit margin and majorly upped the #LoveFactor for my Biz Baby.

These are some of the changes I made, both in business and my personal life… and their dramatic, or just-plain-good effects…

1. Every 4th Friday being a dedicated Nothing Day it’s the first day of my cycle, I’m usually cranky AF and don’t feel like doing anything. So I don’t.

2. Getting a massage every 8 weeks at least I’m an ex-Remedial Massage Therapist. I know the benefits of regular, good massage. Now I enjoy those benefits and my shoulders are at least 5cm lower than before (thanks to the fabulous Lesley at A Knead for Balance).

3. Regular reviews of the online communities I play in Facebook group engagement and connection-building is my #1 marketing channel, but they can also suck your will to live (or at least hang out online) if you’re not in ones that align to your goals and values. Make sure you’re yielding something positive from ALL the ones you’re in and chop/change them regularly. If you’re not getting PD, support, love, information, leads, sales or connection, get the hell outta there! I also grew my group, The Recovering Perfectionists this year and it’s obviously my fave place to hang out!

4. Simplifying my service offering In December 2016, I was literally trying to launch 5 things. WTF? I created courses, opt-ins and 1:1 offers like they were going out of fashion and, no surprises here, sold none of them. Now, there are 3 ways to work with me… Batch It Crazy, Batch It Retreat or 1:1 packages. And that’s it. #SimplifyToAmplify

5. Income tracking... I’ve made the same $ in the last 6 months as I did all of last year, with 30% expenses, as opposed to about 70% last year (did someone say 50 Pages of Colour, Natasha Corbin?)

6. Profit First for business money… I have a profitable business, I pay myself every month and tax is covered too!

7. Barefoot Investor for personal money… Husbeast and I are on the same page with money and making some easy modifications to how we manage our dosh is super unifying and empowering.

8. Clear niching and customer journey mapping (thank you, Ale Wiecek) I know who I want to work with and who’s not a good fit… and I’m ok with saying ‘no’ to the latter… which takes me on to my next point…

9. Saying ‘no’ way more often My mantra “If I say ‘yes’ to this, what am I saying ‘no’ to? And, if I say ‘no’ to this, what am I saying ‘yes’ to?” is waaaaaaay better when you practice what you preach!

10. Taking 2 weeks away for MYSELF Some plans changed, which I was super disappointed, sad and angry about… until I pulled my head out of my ass and decided to go to India anyway. A solo trip to a developing country led to so much freaking self-discovery and half a book being written. As if that wasn’t divine intervention!

11. Writing the first third of my book Hello 12,000 words… watch this space… the book will be launching in early 2018

12. Planning the shit out of next year... I did the first 80% on my own, and banged the rest away, micro-details and all, at Tash Corbin’s 3x3 retreat… I kept saying ‘it’s sooooo easy’

13. Connecting with my husby My guy really is a bloody amazing human. We’re about to celebrate 14 years together and although we’ve had more than our fair-share of ups and downs, he inspires, supports and loves me and makes me laugh every single day (sometimes only on the inside, because I’m trying to be pissed at him… you know how it is...)

14. Discovering and learning to let go of some shitty beliefs and relationships which haven’t served me (or anyone) for a long time. Unfriending, unfollowing and internally thanking and farewelling a lot of people was very effing cathartic and cleansing!

15. Learning to love and accept my amazing body (thank you Emma Polette and Verity Nimmo Mansfield and Kelly Smith). It’s carried and birthed 2 incredible humans, has walked me all over the globe and houses my creativity and spirit. #TotallyKickAssBody

16. Three interstate trips to spend some QT with beautiful family and friends, including a surprise 60th party for my dear Mum, the wedding of one of my oldest friends… we’ve been buddies for 23 years!

17. Getting clear on my business model and back end systems and doing less!

18. Launching Batch It Crazy and holding space and training for 25+ Batchies to get consistent with their content creation.

19. Designing, launching, selling-out and running my first Batch It Crazy Retreat in 7 weeks back in October… and planning 5 for 2018!

20. Podcast love - I’ve interviewed 30+ incredible Recovering Perfectionists and picked their brains about how THEY take #ImperfectAction and move through their businesses with style and gratitude

21. Went camping and didn’t die

22. Observing my mindset and self-talk about money and risk... and giving myself a reality check

23. Learnt to drink white wine (I’ve been working up to this for 14 years - I feel like a real grown up now). Yep, drinking more wine was a New Years Resolution… tick!

24. Started meet ups for connected LadyBosses to meet and learn (and then was ok to can it when I realised it wasn’t quite aligned to my business goals and time boundaries)

25. Went to 2 amazing business conferences for connected, creative and inspiring women. Artful Business Conference (Elle Roberts) and Heart-Centred Business Conference (Tash Corbin) were mind-blowingly amazing!

26. Designed and ran my new 5-Day Content Planning Challenge for 100+ fab women who now have gorgeous, aligned blog and Social Media outlines!

There are a heap more, but these things stand out and roll off my tongue easily and gorgeously and I’m so effing happy with 2017! Next year is going to be completely stellar, due to these changes - I aim to #DoLess, #LaughMore, and #LiveBetter… and a tonne of other sexy hashtags! What about you…? What did you love about 2017?

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