How to get 30+ pieces of content from every blog you write

How to get 30+ pieces of content from every blog you write

So you’ve written a blog… congratulations. Now what? Bang it up on your website and let it slide silently into SEO oblivion? Maaaaybe chuck it in a newsletter? Yeah. Sure. But that’s just the start of it.

What if I told you that for every blog you write, every video you record, every time you show up on your own or someone else’s audio and social platforms, you could stretch it out to be more than 30 unique pieces of content? What if you only had to do it once to be able to do it every time? ‘Cos, seriously. It’s a thing. I wish I could say everybody’s doing it, but I can’t… yet.


How long does it take you to write a blog? 30 minutes? An hour? Not that long. And if you have a clear plan that’s aligned to your business, your vision, your messages and your services, you can pump out a few great blogs in a morning (preferably at a café, with some tunes in your ears and your hot drink of choice in your non-typing hand). From there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to sharing each of those around your fave social media platforms, reinvigorating ‘old’ posts and up-cycling everything.

If your goal is to create 3 Facebook page posts each day, contribute your own + 3 comments in Facebook groups, write one blog a week and send a fortnightly newsletter, you’re trying to create a whopping 2633 pieces of content each year. That doesn’t even count podcasts, webinars, Instagram or other social media platforms, ebooks, speaking gigs, videos, sales copy, website copy or other forms of content.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Claire Barton Blog Content Management

I have a set of some gorgeous tools and systems that I love to use to help me streamline the distribution and reach of my content. In the beginning, I did it all myself. Now, I have a fabulous VA (or 2) who help me in this process. I’m telling you this so you know that whether you’re a 1-woman-band or you have the Dream Team in your corner, this is possible and possibly (probably) easier than what you’re currently doing.

Here’s my top tips on how to stretch your content further:

1.     For every blog (for this article, I use ‘blog’ interchangeably with video blog, podcast, webinar etc.) create at least 3 different angles. This gives you at least 4 different images, titles and hooks that may appeal to your target audience. You schedule them out at regular intervals over the next 6 months with links back to that same original piece of your beautiful IP.

For example, I recently released a solo podcast episode entitled #TrustTheProcess’. When it was first released, it’s literally called ‘new on the podcast’. The next month, a different image/title/intro is shared to Facebook and Instagram ‘What Does Failure Look Like?’. Two months after that it’s ‘How do you respond to great things in your business?’. A couple of months later, it’s something different again. Already, we’re at 9 pieces of shared Social Media Content, including your website blog and 4 posts each on your Facebook page and Instagram account. No brainer.

2.     Now let’s say you read through that blog and realise it could easily have been 2 blogs… there were a few different directions it could’ve gone. So you go back, cut it in half and create 2 new blogs with more detail, different tips, new images etc. And repeat Step 1. We’re now up to 27 pieces of content, including 3 blogs and 24 social media posts.

3.     If you did this for a new blog every week for just 12 weeks, you’d have 36 blogs and 324 pieces of social media content (on just two platforms). I know, right.

4.     Then there’s all the other stuff… eBooks, more social media platforms (I also love IFTTT to automate some sharing and feign presence if having something is important to you. I have a busy-looking Pinterest and LinkedIn account which I hardly ever log in to)

5.     For every medium you create content in, you can transfer it to another one, too. For instance, if you are interviewed on someone else’s podcast, you might jot down what the process was like or what some key takeaways were and turn it into a blog. Or you might write a killer post on Facebook and decide to turn it into a mini training video. The up-cycling possibilities are literally endless.

I’m not saying you need to do this for every single thing you put out there – these numbers are merely to illustrate that you already have loads of content at your fingertips, just waiting to be up-cycled. Get yo-self a repeatable system and run through it for every piece of content you create. Do your work the honour of being remembered. Waste not, want not. And all the other clichés.

If you want to see the systems I use to create workflows for distributing content, I’m running a free online training session on Thursday 15th June at 10am QLD time. Click HERE to register.