Effectively declutter your business in 9 easy(ish) steps

It’s Monday morning. You have the house to yourself, a whole lot to do and a cup of coffee you may actually get to drink while it’s still hot.

You walk into your home office and BAM. The yuck hits you. You know there are hundreds of unread emails in your inbox, your desk is a pigsty and your to do list consists of roughly eleven million scraps of paper with everything from random thoughts to complete not-negotiables for the survival of your business.

You’re been here before. You’ve felt the overwhelm, the paralysis of having so much stuff to do and you’ve even downloaded the newest shiny object to help you get it under control (and then never used it).
I hear ya, girrrrrl.

Here are my top 9 quick fixes to get that sh*t in order and restore calm and beauty to your work!

1.     Get ‘unroll.me’ and hook up all your email accounts

This handy app is best used on your smart phone – it finds all the senders of all the emails you have in your inbox and lets you decide whether you want to ‘unsubscribe’, ‘roll up’ or ‘keep’. If you ‘unsubscribe’, you will no longer get emails from that email address into your inbox. If you select ‘keep’ you will keep getting them. If you select ‘roll up’ you will get 1 email per day with a preview of each of the emails you have selected to roll up and then you can choose which to get more info from by the simple click of a button


2.     Sort your paperwork

It’s as simple as piles to start with… you could have a pile each for ‘finances’, ‘actionable’, ‘Professional Development / Workshop notes’, to be filed’, ‘client’ and ‘trash’. Once that’s done, it’s easy to work through one system in your business at a time

3.     Organise your To Do lists/s

My fave app (possibly ever), is Asana… I store just about everything in here for myself and my team, and my major ‘To Do List’ is in here too. I delegate to myself or my team and have a ‘due date’ for everything – that way I can see what’s coming up next and you can also integrate this with your calendar

4.     Pick a Small Space to clean up and make beautiful

Just like a little alter, having one corner that makes you happy to look at is super motivating and gives you a little sanity until you get to the bigger projects


5.     Clear your headspace

Brain Dump – an unattractive title but a super effective way to banish overwhelm and boost your productivity. Get a big piece of paper to mind-map, scribble and jot down random thoughts, or just fill up a few sheets of lined A4 if that’s how your brain works. Bonus points if you can do this with a buddy or at least talk through it afterwards

6.     Delete unused apps

We’ve all done it – downloaded all the apps that anyone ever suggested anywhere! Go to your phone now, and delete any that you haven’t used in the last month… don’t worry – they’re still in the cloud if you need them later

7.     Delete all the other things

Yup. ALL the other things. This one can take a while – it includes bookmarks, files, photos. Take this one slowly – one folder at a time

8.     Organise your money

Eeeeeeek! Yes, this is a biggie. From cleaning out your purse to finally engaging a bookkeeper, getting a grip with your finances is so important in feeling safe in your business

9.     Align & Cancel

Say what? Check in with your big picture, your goals, your why. What are you really working towards? What’s the lifestyle you want your business to deliver to you? Now, cross-check with your To Do list and remove all the things that aren’t moving you in that direction, don’t really need to be done, could be done by someone else (and delegate them) or give you heebie-jeebies just thinking about the sheer amount of time they’ve spent on your To Do list (if it’s been that long, it’s probably not critical to your success!)

Go, my lovely! Chuck stuff, put it in piles, move past the clutter. And get yourself some pretty new stationery while you’re at it.

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