One Thousand Perfect Days

My perfect day? Hmmmm let me think…

Have I had it already? The day I got married? That idyllic honeymoon day in Fiji, snorkelling, playing beach volleyball, napping in the sun by the pool with my gorgeous new husband? The day I bawled happy tears sitting beside the Tungabhadra River, watching Lakshmi the elephant have a bath? The day I found out I was pregnant with my first child (or my second)? The day I had my first child (or my second)? The day I bought my first (or second) house? The day I started my business?

The list goes on, because there have been so many perfect days already and I’d be happy recreating so many of them.

But. There’s always the search for THE perfect day. Actually, in my mind, there are a thousand combinations of things that could conspire to make Another-The-Perfect-Day.

“Write down your perfect day”. I’ve done this exercise a hundred times. Sometimes in a couple of sentences. Sometime in 5-6 pages. Sometimes my man has done has written down his and we’ve compared notes. Sometimes it’s in a pretty notebook, on a serviette, in an email, sometimes electronically, sometimes simply in a daydream.

It usually starts out with waking up next to my lovely husband (without the rude alarm of a child-finger in my ear) in my dream home near the beach (you know the one – tall ceilings, looks like the inside of one of those fancy homeware stores, smells like Country Road), drinking great coffee, cuddling my happy kids before they happily set off for school and then going for a long walk. Later I’m taking a yoga class, meeting friends for another coffee, lounging around in my spacious, breezy home-office, spending time doing a bit of ‘work’ that totally lights me up and is making a difference to the little pocket of amazing people I call my world, eating delicious fresh food (usually chock full of things like coriander, mangoes and chocolate – not necessarily in the same mouthful), drinking some great wine, entertaining friends and family and enjoying complete abundance and calm.

Aaaaaaah – even spilling it out without much detail feels gorgeous and luxurious. I know it’s going to happen and every day, I have a few snippets of these, if not all together in the same 24 hours.
Well, what’s the big deal, day-dreamer? What’s this even all about?

Manifesting and knowing WHAT THE DREAM IS - is the first and most important part of the WHOLE STORY! As someone famously said (on Facebook) “Life’s too short to just pay bills and die”.

So… what’s YOUR perfect day?

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