65 things that will make you feel better in under 10 minutes

65 things that will make you feel better in under 10 minutes

Look. I’m as guilty as being a Busy Hot Mess as the rest of you, but I’m also a jolly good List-Maker and Instruction-Follower.

So. I made this list of Cup-Filling things I could do in 10 minutes or less. Some of them are for me. Some of them are for others. But I know they will all have me feeling better and I won’t feel like I have to carve out hours of time I don’t have doing things I don’t really want to do to convince myself I’m loving and caring for Numero Uno.

[Pod] Adventure is a state of mind, but it takes courage to cultivate it

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Lisa Kniebe climbed Mt Kiliminjaro with her family - and she learned a lot about herself along the way

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Lisa is a UK-born nurse, come copy coach and copywriting launch specialist

  • Studied literature and neo-natal baby care

  • Started first business through telling stories of sculpture and art

  • Studied teaching and became a teacher and taught in primary school for 5 years - loved creating safe, inclusive emvirmonent s

  • As a family we wanted to adventure for 3 months around the top end of Australia

  • Took the plunge and started a travel blog

  • Realised I’d become so involved with career I forgotten to do what I love

  • Starter Stella Polaris Copywriting and now Lisa Kniebe Coachoing

  • Gemini says yes… Cancerian says yes, but

  • This is the only time that as a family we could leave for 3 months

  • I made a commitment to the love of my life - my family

  • Blogging - started when we travelled on dirt roads while in the outback and share the photos and fun with family and friends

  • Story-Telling was the best things about it - the family’s interaction while travelling

  • It’s always about the stories about the people

  • Started another blog - Mummy to Mum - parenting blog about what it’s like - the identity shift

  • I’d been very adventurous in my teens but I became over-protective when I became a mum

  • My husband suggested that we climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a family - I said no

  • I wanted to bring back adventurous me and grew into the goal

  • Started planning 2 years ago - started training and committed financially to the adventure

  • 5895m high - super low on oxygen - everyone who did it seemed super young and super fit

  • Every time I trained I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere… once we were in Africa… I committed to the journey

  • Would it still be meaningful if I didn’t make the summit?

  • Committing to just being present in any moment of

  • Top 3

  • Gather your team - self-belief is a bit of a luxury - it needs to catch up to the people who champion you

    1. Having a map / loose plan…

    2. fix the goal but don’t fixate on it!

    3. Cheer squad

  • Fear that motivated me - it became the ignition to success

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Lisa is a sales copy specialist helping online entrepreneurs scale their service based businesses with high converting sales copy and funnels. A fast thinking Gemini, Lisa has always been a word wizz, but found her business superpower by accident when she was mentoring start-ups. Whether it was her nursing background or her teacher's instincts, she discovered an uncanny knack to instantly immerse herself in another business, zone-in on the strategic sticking points and effortlessly find intuitive solutions to move past them.

When she's not writing copy, Lisa can be found sleeping under the stars in a swag, experimenting mercilessly in the kitchen or adventuring under sail. Although climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was her biggest challenge yet, she believes adventure is a state of mind, one that she brings to her business everyday.

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[Pod] Could solving your energy problems be as simple as M-A-G... with Kristan Kershaw

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Kristan Kershaw is a health coach with a focus on minerals - in this episode, we talk about how your behaviour is impacted by food and minerals… and what to do if you’re imbalanced.

  • Mum of twin teens and an almost-7-year-old who had a baby with big gastro issues and allergies

  • She had to go on an elimination diet after being told she just had ‘one of those allergic babies'

  • She found that her family had a history of mineral imbalance and after lots of education and dietary changes, through these supplements, they have desensitised her allergies

  • This led her to help other people and turn it into a business

  • Stress (metabolically, mentally, financially) is all contributed by mineral imbalance. When we’re stressed, once of the first things our bodies does is release chemicals that reduces magnesium

  • Long term stress leads to more issues

  • Bio-available copper in our bodies is really important so our bodies can use

  • We tend to put ourselves last

  • When she started looking at issues - she checked herself out at the same time as her kids…

  • We can’t give someone else the best care if we’re not operating well

  • Get familiar with what it feels like to get nourished and that it’s ok to take care of ourselves

  • Could be as simple as swapping a cooking oil for a certain type of butter

  • A lot of us are told we’re low in iron - actually a symptom of low bio-available copper

  • Be an advocate for own health and do your own research

  • Stress and sleep are massive

  • Our grandparents and parents ate very differently than we do

  • Australians and western cultures have changed the soil and therefore the food and minerals we are consuming

  • Instruction manual you can start with - what minerals are actually doing in my body https://therootcauseprotocol.com/about/?ref=6

  • Adrenal Cocktail: Orange Juice, Salt, Cream Of Tartar - healthy electrolyte drink

  • Bruce Lipton - stress at a cellular level

  • Teen Brain - dopamine, gabba and serotonin - how they all work together

  • addictions are tied in with our minerals

Kristan Kershaw naturally has been supporting others around her to learn and find their way since a young age. She has developed that skill in connection over time and has added a lot of knowledge and experience to this via formal training. She has completed a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science, a Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) as well as extensive training with Morley Robbins to be a Root Cause Protocol Consultant in the area of mineral dysfunction and metabolism in the body.

Kristan’s forte is helping to simplify really complex topics, and to help clients make connections between their past and present stresses and the resulting changes to our bodies. As you connect to your mineral metabolism results and your stress, it opens the path to healing and restoration.

Kristan is passionate about transferring this knowledge to others and empowering them to not just be told (and accept) what is going on with their health, but to embrace it and understand it. The more we understand about how our bodies work, the more we can be in-tune with them, and can find our path to optimal health. Minerals run our bodies, and insufficient or imbalanced minerals in our body will lead to a range of symptoms from allergies and food intolerances, fatigue, to depression and anxiety related conditions, to concentration challenges in kids and adults alike, diabetes and other autoimmune conditions, and so much more.

Along Kristan’s journey, she has been researching and learning alongside Teresa Bowley – a well respected and known face in the ‘FAILSAFE’ food intolerance circles, and someone with years of experience and knowledge in the area of FODMAPs food restrictions.

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14 Ways to Simplify Your Business in Under Half an Hour

14 Ways to Simplify Your Business in Under Half an Hour

When you first set out in your business, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, footloose and fancy-free, you, like many of us, probably went about the place, collecting free printables, mini-courses, challenges, templates, checklists, video series and all sorts of shiny downloadables.

Freedom in Structure

Freedom in Structure

You started a business so that you could DO YOUR THANG, ammiright? So you could heal, or help others, and so you could have the lifestyle you desired. You didn’t start it so you could get yourself all tangled up in trying to work out all the complicated, back-end techy stuff and spend more time trying to set up your email marketing than bringing your magic to that gorgeous tribe who love you.

The Great (Content) Treasure Hunt

The Great (Content) Treasure Hunt

Everything is Content. Content is everything. If you have a business, you have content. You can’t have a business and not have content. I’m all about efficiency, and obliterating the soul-crushing time-waster that is ‘the reinventing of the wheels’. Frustrating, right? Those moments are eye-rollingly, neck-twitchingly frustrating and on top of all that you have to come up with yet anooooother blog for your weekly newsletter… #FTS

23 Elements for a Successful Retreat

23 Elements for a Successful Retreat

At first I was afraid… I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never create a retreat without luck on my side. But then I spent so many nights thinking how I awesome it would be and said ‘Ah, what the hell… let’s give it a burl”...

7 Ways I Rocked my Workshop for 100+ Women

7 Ways I Rocked my Workshop for 100+ Women

In classic Claire Style, I finalised my slides at 10 o’clock the night before we drove from Melbourne to Mt Martha to set up our tent and glamp amidst the picturesque Scout Camp on the Mornington Peninsula. The book wasn’t ready, I had no hand-outs, only a few business cards left, hardly any voice due to a super-shit-ly-timed head cold, but never mind, “no one was coming to my workshop anyway”.

No blog, no treble…

No blog, no treble…

Possible meanings for the work ‘Batching’:

  1. The word accompanied by a number on that tiny sticker when you buy a new pair of undies;
  2. A term used to describe a young single guy, living life nag-free and covered in dirty dishes (i.e. a Bachelor);
  3. A mis-spelling of the thing you do with your kids before they go to bed because they’re covered in food, dirt and what appears to be someone else’s clothing from the lost property bin.

26 Things that made 2017 my most successful year yet

26 Things that made 2017 my most successful year yet

Most people seemed to agree that 2016 could go shove it up its jumper (and by ‘it’ I mean everything). And many people also seem to agree that 2017 has been surprisingly great and all about consolidating and simplifying, and I, for one, couldn’t agree more.

I Appreciate You

I Appreciate You

I appreciate you. Three words. Just three words, and, to my mind, the very best compliment.

‘I appreciate you’’s cousins, ‘I appreciate that’ and ‘I appreciate what you did’ are always welcome at my place too, but the simplicity and directness of ‘I appreciate you’ carries so much gratitudinous weight and connection. There’s no running away from it, no brushing anything under the carpet, no hiding behind a behaviour or act. No asterix here.

‘I appreciate you’ means all of you. Regardless. Unconditionally. YOU.

9 Ways to Sustain Yourself and Your Business over the Holidays

9 Ways to Sustain Yourself and Your Business over the Holidays

If self-love feels like too big an ask this month, at least do these things to stay sane, leave time for the important things and maintain your business


Yes, yes, yes, Christmas is upon us and all The Usual Crazy promises to get even crazier each year and drive us closer to another mug of punch (if not another punch in the mug). As if shopping, cooking, wrapping, entertaining, driving and smiling weren’t enough, you also have a business to maintain.

5 posts you should always have ready for Facebook group connection

5 posts you should always have ready for Facebook group connection

Imagine if every time you met someone and they asked that all-too-familiar question ‘ so what do you do?’  you had to literally race around trying to gather words and facts and information from scratch in order to answer the question. That would get old pretty quickly. Personally, I’ d probably end up raising an eyebrow, grunting and backing away slowly. Not exactly my style but a darn-site easier than reinventing the wheel every 3 minutes.

How to get 30+ pieces of content from every blog you write

How to get 30+ pieces of content from every blog you write

So you’ve written a blog… congratulations. Now what? Bang it up on your website and let it slide silently into SEO oblivion? Maaaaybe chuck it in a newsletter? Yeah. Sure. But that’s just the start of it.

What if I told you that for every blog you write, every video you record, every time you show up on your own or someone else’s audio and social platforms, you could stretch it out to be more than 30 unique pieces of content? What if you only had to do it once to be able to do it every time? ‘Cos, seriously. It’s a thing. I wish I could say everybody’s doing it, but I can’t… yet.