Make your WORKSPACE work for your HEADSPACE

“Hi. My name’s Claire. It’s been 14 minutes since I last tidied something”.

“Hiiii Claaaire....”

Claire Barton - Declutter your workspace

Ok, I’ll admit it. My penchant for tidying and organising and decluttering has, at times, reached mildly obsessive heights. I love storage containers (hello Tupperware), pretty stationery (read Kikki K) and I find it really difficult to throw out shoeboxes (well, they’re the perfect size for putting things in). I love labels so much, my bestie hijacked my beloved Dymo once... and just to totally exaggerate my obsession, she labelled everything. Including a banana in the fruit bowl, the kitchen bench and my dog, George. Of course we all thought this was riotously funny and a little bit ironic. ‘Cos it was.

Anyway... then I had kids and when my entire pre-baby world faded into non-existence, so too did some of my anal retention (‘thank god’, they all said). Don’t get me wrong, there are still labelled spice jars and a somewhat Organised Chaos utility room style laundry with shelves full of plastic containers (if you need anything important at my house, you’ll likely find it here). But my Super Need to be Super Neat (see what I did there?) is a distant memory buried under piles of child-induced-crazy.

However, I still believe (like, big time) that the space we live in and work in and do all our stuff in (whatever that looks like for you) massively affects our mental space and capacity for productivity. Now... I’m not saying that everyone should have a neat and tidy desk or an immaculate house in order to get anything done. Not at all. But it does need to be whatever feels comfortable for you. I totally get that some people like to have lots of stuff going on around them. And some people DO need that immaculateness. And everyone else falls somewhere on that spectrum.

And I think it’s really interesting how many people I talk to feel like that thing that’s holding them back or on their minds or weighing them down is something to do with their physical space. They literally can’t get important (work/business/life) stuff done because there’s something in their homes, offices, paperwork or cyberspace that feels like a weight pulling at them for their time, effort and attention. Often, it’s having other knock-on effects too – like stopping other decisions from being made which could potentially greatly improve something they want to improve.

So... you get where I’m going here... If you feel like your PHYSICAL SPACE is doing crazy things to your HEAD SPACE, dedicate some thought, planning and time to clearing that block (slash, those blocks – that the kids were playing with this morning) and get some freedom to create, do and be whatever it is that you actually want to!

Or call me (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).