[Pod] Could solving your energy problems be as simple as M-A-G... with Kristan Kershaw

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Kristan Kershaw is a health coach with a focus on minerals - in this episode, we talk about how your behaviour is impacted by food and minerals… and what to do if you’re imbalanced.

  • Mum of twin teens and an almost-7-year-old who had a baby with big gastro issues and allergies

  • She had to go on an elimination diet after being told she just had ‘one of those allergic babies'

  • She found that her family had a history of mineral imbalance and after lots of education and dietary changes, through these supplements, they have desensitised her allergies

  • This led her to help other people and turn it into a business

  • Stress (metabolically, mentally, financially) is all contributed by mineral imbalance. When we’re stressed, once of the first things our bodies does is release chemicals that reduces magnesium

  • Long term stress leads to more issues

  • Bio-available copper in our bodies is really important so our bodies can use

  • We tend to put ourselves last

  • When she started looking at issues - she checked herself out at the same time as her kids…

  • We can’t give someone else the best care if we’re not operating well

  • Get familiar with what it feels like to get nourished and that it’s ok to take care of ourselves

  • Could be as simple as swapping a cooking oil for a certain type of butter

  • A lot of us are told we’re low in iron - actually a symptom of low bio-available copper

  • Be an advocate for own health and do your own research

  • Stress and sleep are massive

  • Our grandparents and parents ate very differently than we do

  • Australians and western cultures have changed the soil and therefore the food and minerals we are consuming

  • Instruction manual you can start with - what minerals are actually doing in my body

  • Adrenal Cocktail: Orange Juice, Salt, Cream Of Tartar - healthy electrolyte drink

  • Bruce Lipton - stress at a cellular level

  • Teen Brain - dopamine, gabba and serotonin - how they all work together

  • addictions are tied in with our minerals

Kristan Kershaw naturally has been supporting others around her to learn and find their way since a young age. She has developed that skill in connection over time and has added a lot of knowledge and experience to this via formal training. She has completed a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science, a Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) as well as extensive training with Morley Robbins to be a Root Cause Protocol Consultant in the area of mineral dysfunction and metabolism in the body.

Kristan’s forte is helping to simplify really complex topics, and to help clients make connections between their past and present stresses and the resulting changes to our bodies. As you connect to your mineral metabolism results and your stress, it opens the path to healing and restoration.

Kristan is passionate about transferring this knowledge to others and empowering them to not just be told (and accept) what is going on with their health, but to embrace it and understand it. The more we understand about how our bodies work, the more we can be in-tune with them, and can find our path to optimal health. Minerals run our bodies, and insufficient or imbalanced minerals in our body will lead to a range of symptoms from allergies and food intolerances, fatigue, to depression and anxiety related conditions, to concentration challenges in kids and adults alike, diabetes and other autoimmune conditions, and so much more.

Along Kristan’s journey, she has been researching and learning alongside Teresa Bowley – a well respected and known face in the ‘FAILSAFE’ food intolerance circles, and someone with years of experience and knowledge in the area of FODMAPs food restrictions.

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