65 things that will make you feel better in under 10 minutes

65 things that will make you feel lighter in under 10 minutes

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“Take a bubble bath”, they said.

“It’ll be fun”, they said.

“You deserve some self-care time”, they said.

And they were right. And this is how it went:

  • It was already too late, but you knew you’d feel guilty if you still hadn’t ticked ‘Self-Care’ off your To Do list this week, so you ran a bath

  • You immediately forgot you’d run the bath (you were tucking your child back into bed for the umpteenth time tonight) so it overflowed

  • You whacked your forehead on the tap as you were attempting to remove the plug to let some water out

  • You poured yourself a wine

  • You bribed your children to stay in bed so “Mummy can just take her god damn bath puh-lease” and leapt into that lukewarm, bubbly mess, mumbling something about having to mop up later, under your breath

  • Realise your wine’s still on the kitchen bench. Consider calling 000 to fetch it for you (it counts as a real emergency, doesn’t it?)

  • You give yourself a stern talking to about how much you deserve this and should just relax and enjoy the bath… only to have your pelvic floor strength tested when you feel a couple of sets of tiny eyes staring down at you (“how are you still not bloody asleep?”)

  • Pull the plug. Tick the box. Drink the wine.

Doesn’t feel so self-lovey now does it…?

65 Self Love Ideas Claire Barton

Look. I’m as guilty as being a Busy Hot Mess as the rest of you, but I’m also a jolly good List-Maker and Instruction-Follower.

So. I made this list of Cup-Filling things I could do in 10 minutes or less. Some of them are for me. Some of them are for others. But I know they will all have me feeling better and I won’t feel like I have to carve out hours of time I don’t have doing things I don’t really want to do to convince myself I’m loving and caring for Numero Uno.

Have at ‘em.

  1. Call a friend

  2. Do a short meditation

  3. Sit in the sun & soak up some rays

  4. Make a coffee - enjoy the process & the drinking

  5. Paint your fingernails

  6. Take 10 minutes to daydream

  7. Colour in something

  8. Go for a quick walk for 5 minutes in one direction & back again

  9. Delegate something (to a cleaner, assistant, family member etc.)

  10. 10 minutes of stretching

  11. Journal

  12. Write a list of things you’re grateful for

  13. Write a thank you card (or 3)

  14. Write, stamp & address birthday cards for the next month

  15. Play with or groom your pet

  16. Read a few pages of a book

  17. Pinterest something you’re obsessing over right now

  18. Take a shower

  19. Listen to loud music (dance if you please)

  20. Drive to the shops & order a drink

  21. Pick some greenery from your garden & put in vases

  22. Pay it forward (make a donation or offer to help someone with something specific)

  23. Leave a review on someone’s FB page

  24. Text 10 friends you haven’t spoken to in ages ‘just to say hi’

  25. Flick through a magazine

  26. Delete unused apps from your phone

  27. Delete files from downloads & desktop

  28. Delete some emails from your inbox

  29. Moisturise your whole body

  30. Read through shoutouts & testimonials your clients have left you (or cards/letters from friends if you’re not in biz)

  31. Write a love letter to yourself (perhaps from your Inner Mentor / Future Self)

  32. Write a silly poem for your kids

  33. Write a letter to someone who doesn’t use email

  34. Apply a face Mask

  35. Soak your feet

  36. Flick through a coffee table book

  37. Flick through a funny book

  38. Face-stalk someone (in a totes non-creepy way, pls)

  39. Look through an old photo album

  40. Change the sheets, cushions & throws on your bed

  41. Declutter a room

  42. Draw something

  43. Paint or watercolour something

  44. Write down everything you’re worried about, then destroy that paper (burn it, tear it up, eat it… #YDYB)

  45. Stand barefoot on the grass

  46. Take your neighbour something (a cuppa & cookie at the front door can be a great convo)

  47. Cancel something in your calendar

  48. Look through a recipe book for meal inspo

  49. Book the next few months of massages & beauty treatments

  50. Organise a girls’ night with your besties

  51. Talk to a stranger

  52. Smudge your home

  53. Remove yourself from some FB groups

  54. Unlike & unfollow people / pages on FB & Instagram

  55. Buy something online

  56. Book a night away by yourself

  57. Plan an event

  58. Watch a short Ted Talk

  59. Water, prune & dust your indoor plants

  60. Make a smoothie or juice

  61. Watch funny videos

  62. Burn a candle, light the incense or put on the oil diffusers

  63. Pull an oracle card, read the guide book, contemplate

  64. Nap

  65. Put 10 things in a bag in the boot of your car & drop it off to a local op shop next time you go out

And there you have it. Please please please… don’t add these 65 things to your Self-Love To Do List. Pick one and do it today. Print it out and tick them off. Add to it. Scribble the shopping list on the back of it.

Love yourself. On your terms.


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