Frogs are not a breakfast food

Claire Barton Blog Fros for breakfast

Now, I’m no fine food connoisseur, but I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why frog doesn’t feature on many breakfast menus. They don’t taste good. Amiright?

What’s the big idea about eating a frog for breakfast? “Um, thanks anyway – I’m good – I’ll just stay in bed ‘til lunch!”

While we’re on the subject of clichés and fairy tales, I’m all about smooching the heck out of that frog until it somewhat resembles a prince... and then... erm... not eating it? Cannibalism is so last century. But you know what I mean.

Instead of chowing that slimy green guy who’s been all Ribbit Ribbit up in your face for goodness knows how long, let’s slather your frog in Brut, throw on a pair of running shorts (slash uniform slash business suit – whatever gets you going, girlfriend) and serve him up on a delicious bed of... erm... roses? Whatevs. You see where I’m going with this, right?

Those jobs, chores, calls, bits of your world that you reeeeeally don’t want to do... think of a few of your common frogs and how to kiss them into princedom quicker than you can say ‘abracadabra’...

Here’s how it works

1.       Reframe We all have those things that have been on our To Do list FOR EVER. (Currently I have been planning to investigate superannuation for approximately 5 years). So reframe it; rethink it... there’s obviously a few (thousand) more important things... so... ask yourself... Does it really need to get done? Why? When (really)? What has been the outcome of not having done it already? Does it really matter if you never did it? How would you feel if you did do it? If it’s something as simple as just making 15 minutes in your schedule (try making calls while you’re driving or doing the dishes – this is why Bluetooth and speakerphones were invented). If you still REALLY think it needs to be done, give yourself a reward once it’s over... like a coffee or 5 minutes ogling your fave celeb. Whatever. Oooooor... just don’t do it. And don’t transfer it to your next To Do List (see my next point). Dare the world to implode (see my last point). Live on the edge.

2.       Refresh You know when you have a To Do list that just gets longer and longer and soon enough you’ve got a ripped, coffee-stained, crummy piece of envelope following you around everywhere? Gorgeous isn’t it? Feels really good huh? Nup. Grab some fresh note paper – print out some gorgeous templates or treat yourself to some sexy stationery (yep I said it). Redo your list at the end of every day so you know where you’re at and where you’re starting tomorrow. Whoever said life isn’t all about pretty stationery* was an idiot. (*no one has actually ever said that!)

3.       Palm Off Ah. The great Australian Palm Off. Get someone else to do your dirty work. “If you can’t beat ‘em, arrange to have them beaten”. Where ‘them’ is your taxes. Obviously.

4.       Bump Off Ever wonder where items from your To Do List go if you don’t do them and you don’t transfer them to your next To Do List. That’s right. To Do heaven. Because if it’s not on your To Do List and the world is still spinning the next day, that thing can stay in the naughty corner wearing the ‘THB hat’ (that’s Claire Speak for Too Hard Basket) until such time as it comes out. But it probably won’t.

So, from the bottom of RSPCA-loving heart, save a frog. Give him a kiss. Or get someone else to kiss him. Or throw him a bug or two every now and then.

And go fix yourself a Chia Pudding or a Double Shot Caramel Vanilla Vodka Triple Latte for breakfast instead. 

PS - the second part of this is to do something you love first up. Start the day on a high note. Let's call it Eating cheesecake for breakfast.