Content Planning 101

Content Plan Shmontent Schplan.

What does it look like? Why do I need one? Where do I get mine?

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Content Strategy

Noun. A plan for the creation, distribution and recycling of your blogs, social media posts, speaking gigs, website copy, podcast episodes and more


Content Plan

Noun. The micro-detail of the blogs, videos and socials you will create and distribute to inform, inspire and connect with your audience so they ‘get you’, ‘know what you do’ and ‘understand your message’.

It can be as detailed as you like and include as many bells and whistles as your little heart desires, or it can simply include basic info such as titles, publishing dates and streams where it will be distributed.


So why do I need one?

So glad you asked.

You have a business. You have beliefs. You have limited time and competing priorities. Flailing about, trying to come up with a new blog title is inefficient and stressful, and, if you’re anything like most of us, leads to little else than procrastination with a side of resentment and a sprinkling of guilt.

Whether you’re in Start-Up mode and still playing with your core message or you’re more established and use advanced launch planning in your business, you’ll benefit from having a content plan.

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What I love about having a Content Plan

Two things you should know about me. I’m an over-planner AND I’m lazy. On paper, those traits shouldn’t work together, but believe me, they do.

When it comes to planning your content, there’s no right or wrong way. You have to find the system that works for you as well as a balance between planning and leaving space for opportunities, inspiration and following your nose, so to speak.

Here’s a list of reasons why I love content plans, because it’s what I know are the biggest benefits from people who’ve got one. They won’t all be important to you, and that’s the whole point; content plays similar roles in most businesses but the scales are vast in their slidability. Some businesses are built purely on Content Marketing, where others focus on blog creation to teach, grow reach and connect with their ideal clients and practice their message, their craft or their confidence.

  1. The blinking cursor of doom is no longer an issue #GoodbyeWritersBlock

  2. You consistently publish or send content #BuildsTrust

  3. People know you for everything you do (and not just the 1 things that you always write about)

  4. Inspiration can be harnessed and not wasted or forgotten

  5. Your services and products are supported by your content

  6. Your message and content can be purposefully published inline with your launches or sales focus

  7. There’s a million different ways to come at Content Planning, which means you can definitely find a system that works for you and delivers to your audience

  8. You can create specific CTAs (Calls To Action) that helps your audience know what to do next


How do I make one?

As I mentioned above, there’s more than one way to skin your Blog Plan. My top 3 systems are:


  1. With your services, products, modalities and beliefs in mind, make a list of blog titles

  2. Check that they have a common thread (your Core Message/s)

  3. Group them if you want (these will become your categories / pillars)


  1. Start with your Core Message

  2. Break down your categories (usually 3-4 is perfect). These are usually key parts of your business, but could also be
    - stages of a journey (or life) that your ideal clients experience,
    - the modalities / therapies you use,
    - things you teach or
    - services you sell...
    … but there are loads of ways to slice this one up - usually, it will be obvious to you what makes sense!

  3. Under each category, brainstorm a list of topics (you can turn these into titles when you’re ready)

Advanced options:

  1. Next, you can create social media sets for each category

  2. Aaaaand you can even create content upgrades for each category too - if they’re evergreen, you don’t have to keep going back to change them


  1. Plan your content around what you’re selling or launching

  2. Keep your blogs, emails and socials aligned with some clear CTAs and content upgrades

  3. Warm up your audience by showing them an insight into the bigger thing! If your tribe sees you giving high-value and big-connection in your free content, they’ll be more trusting that your paid work is going to be awesome too!


So yeah. I love Content Planning. Not so much that you’re stifled and bored, but just enough that it feels easy and aligned to create content that connects you to the right people with the right message over the right channels.


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