5 posts you should always have ready for Facebook group connection

Whether you’re just starting to connect, interact and engage in business networking Facebook groups or you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll likely notice some central themes.

These don’t all look the same though – at least not at face value. They’re called by different things (remember, that gorgeous copywriter you’re always quoting who says you have to use the language of your tribe), they have different hashtags or theme days. Sometimes the topic is quite obvious, and sometimes you need you need a masters in Symbology and Language to understand what the actual intended theme even is, based on whatever the group leader has coined that day’s hashtag. I won’t go ranting about the dos and don’ts or pros and cons of Facebook groups or how to make sure you’re in the ‘right’ ones for you and your business – we’ll save that for later…

Of course there are a myriad of different groups, with five billion* (* pure speculation – I have no idea how many there are) different names, leaders, objectives and cultures – they’ve become an important aspect of many a business model, and can be a beautiful place to connect with real people virtually, all while working on your #LaptopTan!

Now, you know I hate waste (like, passionately) and I especially hate wasting time. Yes, we all have the same amount of hours in the day and the same never-ending to do lists and competing priorities. So, it’s what we do with those hours and how we can find ways to hack our time.

I’m also all about showing up genuinely and not just dumping dirty promo posts in five billion* groups and expecting to fast-track the all too well known KLT Factor (that’s ‘Know-Like-Trust’, FYI).

However. Hack I must.

Claire Barton Facebook Blog

Imagine if every time you met someone and they asked that all-too-familiar question ‘so what do you do?’ you had to literally race around trying to gather words and facts and information from scratch in order to answer the question. That would get old pretty quickly. Personally, I’d probably end up raising an eyebrow, grunting and backing away slowly. Not exactly my style but a darn-site easier than reinventing the wheel every 3 minutes.

My hacks: use some gorgeous free software like Evernote, Asana or your trusty iNotes to cut-n-paste your posts. Every time you answer a question, reply to comment or post as a themed #hashtag into a group, grab that text and put it somewhere safe. When the same theme or question comes up again, you have something to use. I’m not saying just cut-n-paste the exact same copy every single time (it’s boring, people disconnect and Facebook will penalise you too) but it’s better than The White Screen of Death. It’s a starting point. You can use the basis of what you already have and customise it to fit the theme, tone and language of the group and it saves you so much time!

Claire Barton Blog Facebook Groups

1.    About me
Also looks like: #MyStory / #BehindTheVine / #Inspo / #Intro

This one should be straightforward. I actually have a whole ‘notebook’ in Evernote called ‘bios, about me, my purpose etc.’ I have the basis of my about me, the copy from my website, the copy from everything I’ve applied for, any various short-, medium- andlong-forms of my bio (you know those places that only allow you 50 characters… I’m not counting those again!). Save a few of your fave profesh photos and/or selfies somewhere easy to grab as well and not only will you save time, you’ll also remain consistent in your messaging about you and your business.

2.    How to <insert the thing I do all day every day>
Also looks like: “Does anyone know how to…?” / “#<Thing>Tip / #ShowUs (#Hacks in my group, The Recovering Perfectionists)

This is often an extension of you bio but there will likely be several different topics. Think of your content plan  and create a few tips, tricks, tools and information about each of these. I also teach this as a strategy when you’re starting out with blogs and videos – educate, educate, educate! These are excellent opportunities to show off your experience, your process and the outcomes people might expect from working with you and are also an excellent way to show your personality and style!

3.    Promo
Also looks like: #SoapBox / #MarketDay / #PromoDay
Unless you only have “1 thing”, this will change regularly. Have a plan or a list of the things you are promoting at any time as well as some copy about them – remember Facebook (and group members) sees if you’re posting the exact same post in lots of places (and doesn’t love it, let me tell you) so do yourself (and those you’re trying to connect with) a favour and change it up a bit – including the images, the words and the time of day). This might be in line with a launch or simply an op to share some freebies or content with people who are interested. Remember: when it comes to content and connection –  give, give, give, first! It doesn’t have to be about selling something – giving value via a blog or other content or freebies is great too!

4.    Selfie
Also looks like: #Me / #SelfieDay / #MyLife / #Connect
So this one is usually designed to be an in-the-moment, show-us-who-you-really-are sort of post. We want to connect with the ‘real you’ and open that window into your personal life a tiny bit wider on these days. Being authentic is really important in these posts (and we can tell if you’re not). Having some info as it comes to you is really useful. Yes, telling us where you are and what you’re doing and with whom is great, but as you get more comfortable, you may also want to share some deeper stuff… like, your why, your goals, your dreams, your fears… your guilty pleasure Netflix fave… test the waters (for yourself as much as for the group you’re interacting in).

5.    Question
Also looks like: #Ask / #HelpMe / #Support / #AnswerMyQuestion
This is one of my faves and also one that stumps a lot of people. #Ask / #Question days are an INVALUABLE opportunity for FREE market research. Wanna know if people are even interested in what you’re thinking about selling, know what the hell you’re talking about or have any questions for you about your thing. Have a list at the ready and make the most of this hashtag!

There are obviously a million other themes/topics/hashtags and if you’re active in a few groups on a consistent basis, you’ll have other themes you might want to prepare for. In my group, we also have theme like #Brag so you can celebrate your wins, #OwnIt so you can own your muck-ups in a safe space and #LittleThings so there’s an opportunity to share funnies, or stop and smell the coffee!

Whatever groups you’re in, find the themes, and capture the information in a virtual notebook of some sort. Save some time and stop reinventing the group hashtag wheel every day!

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