Ep. 41 - Good Enough w/- Kim Foster Carlson

Kim Foster-Carlson has been a journalist 30 years, with a history steeped in international sports. Based in San Francisco, this mother of 3 found her perfectionism rubbing off on her 2 daughters, who are athletes themselves, and knew it was time to find a better way. Some of her secrets are:

  • gratitude

  • play with joy

  • do enough

  • non comparison

  • law of attraction

  • don’t focus on mistakes

  • be yourself

  • love the humanism

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Kim Foster Carlson is an award winning journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kim has worked as a traffic reporter, news reporter, news anchor, sports anchor, and talk show host. She has covered a wide range of stories from 9/11 to the tech boom in Silicon Valley. Kim is also an accomplished athlete.

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