The 3 Automated Email Series You Need in Your Business

The 3 Automated Email Series You Need in Your Business

Nurture Sequences, Automated Sequences, On-Boarding Sequences... What is all this mumbo-jumbo?

Before you go giving yourself a nose-bleed, let's break down the reasons why you might want one or many of these in your business!

1. Main List On-boarding Series

There are a tonne of different ways to get onto your list, and with a bit of planning and good luck, you are welcoming new people to your email tribe every single week!

As Tash Corbin says, getting people on your list and then not communicating with them, is like inviting people to a party and then not talking to them. You gotta give them some love! The choices and strategies and practicalities of doing so are endless - from a simple email or two, explaining who you are, what you help with and how they will benefit from hanging out with you... right through to the more complex sequence with all the bells and whistles!

Welcoming people to your tribe, giving them HIGH VALUE and a chance for connection and to be heard is not only good people-ing; it's good business!


2. Product / Service Specific Series

Ever bought something and then almost immediately had 'buyer's remorse'? Each time you someone signs up for a paid service or a freebie, it's an opportunity to CONNECT with them; to help them further understand you and to be thrilled to have done business with you.

Oftentimes, you'll have a unique opportunity to educate and inspire your clients in areas you know they're interested in based on what they've bought / downloaded / signed up for! During this period, you can add value by giving complimentary resources and info as well as sharing your opinion on the matter as well!


3. New Paying Client Series

Similar to new products, often we work with clients in a more personalised way. VIP and 1:1 clients are incredibly valuable to most businesses and nurturing them should be a priority for you. 

Welcoming them and keeping them in-the-loop about what to expect and what your expectations are of them before, during and after working together means you're both on the same page and that everyone can concentrate on achieving the outcomes and transformations you've promised. 


Setting up Email Marketing Automations for your business doesn't have to be scary. Everything is dynamic and will change as you and your business change. The most critical step is your STRATEGY! There's no point in building a fancy email sequence if it doesn't serve a purpose or work for your business!


In case you didn't guess... creating the plan (and implementing it) for email marketing sequences is one of my happy places...

If you'd like to spend some time with me, mapping out yours, book a free chat first!

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