Ep. 38 - Messy Divorce to Sweet, Sweet Empowerment w/- Julia Coronado

Show notes:

- Julia went through a 'very difficult divorce' and managed to turn her mess into her message - helping herself and women through break-ups and hard times in relationships

- She knows that the pain of staying in a situation that isn't fulfilling or aligned is even more than pain of change

- Julia supports and works with SHEROES United

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Julia is a passionate, outspoken woman, and mother of 6 beautiful children.

Julia assists divorced women dust themselves off, redefine their identity, and confidently embrace their greatness after losing what they thought would be “happily ever after.” Being a recovering perfectionist herself, there’s something invigorating about assisting others as they let go of how things “should be” and give themselves permission to let their hair down and love life, however that looks.


Key takeaways:

  1. Trust Your Gut

  2. Make the decision and then commit

  3. Learn how to be ok with not knowing every little detail about the plan or the future

  4. Give Yourself Permission (to do and feel whatever you need)

  5. Acknowledge and feel what you need to feel


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