Ep. 35 - The Body Love Coach w/-Emma Polette

Emma has fast become one of my fave people to follow in the Body Love and Acceptance Space. She’s a real woman, with real curves and a arsenal of gorgeous, nurturing and practical tips to start ACTUALLY loving and appreciating the package we come in.

We talk about everything from her journey, to her challenges, to her tips for overcoming self-loathing, self-sabotage and heap of other awful self-things many of us are in the habit of doing!


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Emma Polette is a 43 year old health coach, personal trainer & yoga teacher. Her clients call her a real woman for real women.


After spending most of her life thinking a flat tummy would solve all of her problems, things changed in early 2017 when she had a hysterectomy to treat her Stage 4 endometriosis. Emma decided her body had been punished enough and has made it her mission to help women live bright & energetic lives free from calorie counting and flogging themselves at the gym.


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