Ep. 34 - The Reason You Feel Lazy w/- Lynette Delane

Lynette and I bond over our mutual love of spreadsheets and systems, but we also chatted extensively about Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies and how they might be affecting your productivity. It’s geeky, it’s funny and there were a stack of a-ha moments for me... love to know yours as well!

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As a Tech Translator, Lynette embodies an intrinsic ability to save business owners time, and therefore money. It’s like her magic trick. Her purpose is to deliver back to her clients the all-elusive “spare” time so they can use it to do what they love.

She puts her principles into practice in her own business – Kits and Bits – founded with the desire to create a work/life balance and prove to her clients it can be done!

When she’s not saving her clients hours of frustration, Lynette is an avid genealogist and is learning to tango.


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