Ep. 33 - Through the Mess, Find Your Message w/- Melinda Kitto

Melinda Kitto

Through The Mess, Find Your Message


Melinda is an online business coach and messaging strategist – to make it more simple, she helps women to really nail their business message so it just cuts through the bull online.

- Why is it important to understand your core message?

- Messaging is fundamental to your business and it is sometimes overlooked

- Your message should also be compelling enough for people to take action

- “out of your mess comes your message”

- There’s a real fear about niching – niching can be scary to people so you must niche to open the door

- There’s a market for everything and it’s more about the messaging in your offer

- Your offer has to be intriguing, interesting and it has to be valuable because time is valuable to people

- Use actual words that you would often use when making an offer


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Melinda Kitto has been touted as a messaging genius. As the go-to person in her circle of friends to craft the perfect reply to the cute guy on Tinder, Mel realised she had a knack for using words to get results.


Now, as an Online Business and Messaging Strategist, Mel works with female Coaches, Consultants and Online Service Providers who know they can create an incredible transformation in their client's lives, but struggle to actually articulate what they do in a compelling way. Her mission is to help these awesome business babes to create irresistible offers and totally NAIL their marketing message in a way that cuts through the noise online and gets the RIGHT clients to sit up and pay attention so they can sell their premium services with ease and finally crack their first $5k or $10k months.


Mel lives by the beach in Wollongong, Australia with her husband and two little boys. When she's not weaving magic with words or juggling all the balls of business and motherhood, she loves nothing more than a night in with the girls, glass of red in hand and a cheeseboard at her fingertips.



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