Ep. 28 - Build The Tribe You Need w/- Kirsty Bonner

Ep 28

Kirsty Bonner

Build the tribe you need w/ Kirsty Bonner

Kirsty has as diverse a background as the functions she now performs in her life and beautiful business partnership, Smart Chicks. From raising children, starting and selling franchises, marketing, athletics, international travel and more, this woman is as grounded and authentic as it gets! I love chatting to her, working alongside her as an affiliate ‘Collector’ for monthly networking events in Brisbane and following her every move. 

- What an online community is… and what it isn’t

- How friendships have changed as a result of social media

- Partnerships and how to choose the right one

- How to work in a partnership without killing each other

- The process of creating a business you love


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About Kirsty

As an ex-science geek who is far more interested in talking and discovering the super powers of others than the reaults in the test tube, i started officially as an entrepreneur in 2005 with a 1 and almost 3 year old and a franchise i could run from home.


My passion for people and business grew, as did my will for a third child. Things dont go as planned in life and in business but the journey through business, importing, trading, investing, running networking groups, independently educating on behalf of a manufacturer and ultimately utilising my skills attracting and servicing like minded people, SmartChicks was founded with my business partner Courts.


Together we've sought in business to support inspire and influence everyone we meet through the importance of authentic connections.


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