Ep. 27 - Limiting Beliefs & Fear w/- Felicity O'Connor

Professional Artist, Creativity Coach, Art Therapist & Registered Psychologist, this impressive and inspirational woman, Felicity O’Connor, is changing lives of creative people all over the place. Flicker and I have worked together in her business for over a year and I have learnt so much from her and know the inner workings of business like the back of my hand. So I was wrapt to chat with her and get a more in-depth understanding of her teachings, philosophies and stance on the things that hold people back...

- Perfectionism or avoidance?

- Everything boils down to fear

- Limiting beliefs are the core thing that stop us from moving forward or achieving what we want to achieve

- Parents have a very important role to play in strengthening THE RIGHT filters for our children’s brains

- The RAS in the brain is very clever - and a pain in the ass when you’re trying to change habits and beliefs

- When to get professional help

- The physical thing to do when you’re stuck, blocked or ‘having a moment’

- Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way’ and Felicity’s life-changing program

- 'Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead…’ (JC said that)


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About Felicity

Felicity is a professional artist,  she has been selected as a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize 2016, the Blacktown Art Prize and the Hornsby Art Prize 2015. She has also been a five time finalist in the Gosford Art Prize as well as many other awards and accolades which you can read about on her art website.

In addition,  Felicity is a registered psychologist and has a Masters degree in Art Therapy. With this unique mix of skills she spends much of her time these days enjoying mentoring other artists to gain more from their art personally and professionally.


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