A certain type of Freedom

I’ve always had an excellent work ethic. I got my first job at 14 and 9 months and haven’t stopped since. I started as a checkout girl at Best & Less and often worked 2-3 jobs at a time, plus studying. After dipping my toe in sales, hospitality, marketing, student-ing and retail, I started managing my ‘own’ store at age 19 with a 2IC who was 39 years my senior. From there I managed a busy Sportsgirl store in Sydney, was a manager at the European flagship GAP store in London and managed the flagship QLD Country Road group in Brisbane City. Cray cray.

In 2011, I quit retail (#ForEver), took myself on a 3-month solo pilgrimage to India, decided to massage therapy wold be my new vocation and then, as usual, almost by accident fell into a recruitment role in a medium-sized management consulting firm. I stayed there, moving through roles such as Junior Consultant, Administrator, Office Manager, Project Coordinator and finally HR and Operations Manager. Despite some interesting moments early on, I LOVED this job.

Then, along came children. Two in 18 months, in fact. I was lucky to have a boss, a team and organisation that supported me in my totally freaked-out-new-motherdom and was provided with a car space, flexible working arrangements, fabulous money and a promotion (how cool is that!) and I was (and still am) forever grateful.

However, something just wasn’t fitting. The travel, the never-ending feeling that I was letting people down with moving things around to cater for the never-ending illness that day care and children breed, the guilt at knowing that my kid was the first to arrive and the last to be picked up, was too much for my fragile, post PND self. I felt guilty about everything.

So, freedom was the new plan.

Specifically, freedom from guilt and boredom.

Coupled with my desire to never have one day the same another, I started my pursuit of multiple income streams (which at the time, I had dubbed “different shit to do every day” – this new phrase is somewhat new to me). Enter my ventures:

- business operations and coaching (Website | Facebook | Free Group | Online Courses )

- event management, including retreats, workshops and launches

- online membership and learning platform, Batch It Crazy

- Business immersion retreats in Australia and overseas

Yeah. I’d say Freedom is important to me. And flexibility. And balance. And supporting other women to take the leap into their own business and ditch the guilt rubbish too!