LadyBizinder. It’s like Tinder but for gals in business. Totes gonna take off?

When they interview me in months to come about how I came up with such a fabulous idea for an app that facilitates lady bosses in biz to connect with like-minded women, I’ll say something like ‘oh, you know... creative genius’ or something along those lines.

Actually, it’d be more like I felt the need to create some credible and completely non-sleazy way to meet all the lady bosses I have a #BizGirlCrush on. Because, you know, sometimes it’s totally intimidating to strike up a conversation with someone. Especially someone you heart. From afar. It’s stalker-y, right? #RagingIntrovertAlert

These women – ah, yes, there was more than 1 – were everything I wanted to be and doing everything I wanted do in my business. I’d watched from afar. I’d subscribed to every list, challenge, opt-in and social media channel they had going. I’d read their blogs. I’d traversed the pages of their websites. I’d #FaceStalked them, and on occasion, I’d even had ‘hey, that was my idea – I was going to do that’ moments. On the super-rare occasion one of these #BusinessHotties interacted with me (replied to a comment or ‘liked’ my post) I felt like my nerdy-high-school-self when one of the popular boys smiled at me (#giddy). I knew these #LadyPreneurs so well I felt like I already knew them (you know?). And from afar, our relationship was great, thank you very much. But I didn’t feel like I had the right to connect with them. Like who was I to even think these super fabulous biz women would even want to share the same air as me #MyShitNotTheirs

But then I did something. I pulled up my big girl panties. I gave myself the ‘you are amazing, you can do anything’ pep talk (you know the one). And I sent a message (*gasp*). I even used the term ‘Biz Girl Crush’. I apologised profusely while also trying to convince my prey that I was not crazy-infatuatedly-type crushing, but rather a #LittleBitJealous #BigBitWorship about what they were doing with their businesses.

Then something even more amazing happened. They were cool – even cooler – than I’d thought. They were real. Human being women. People. They talked, walked, breathed... just like me. They were beautiful and supportive and open and easy. Flattered. And – mostly – also admitted to having their own #ladyboss crushes. Perfect.

So I realise, it’s two things.

1.       Having the right people/women who are in a feminine business model and group (and therefore are here to support each other, not to beat each other)

2.       Having the self-confidence and self-worth to know that you are a person who is worthy of other people’s time, effort and energy (and anyone who says otherwise can bugger off). As women, we are equal. Because we are all women (seriously inarticulate way to say what I’m trying to say). We have to stick together. Watch each other’s backs. Be open to sharing, suggesting, showing and being the subject of someone else’s affections (business-wise)

So, to the amazing women who have had the pleasure of having a not-secret-anymore-admirer, thank you for being open to receiving messages, questions, coffee dates, phone calls and all manner of other business versions of flowers and chocolates. You make the #ladyworld a better place.