LIBERATION from the R-Word

Claire Barton - Liberation for New Years Resolutions

LIBERATION. This word has been popping up all over the freaking shop for me the past few weeks. Like, jumping off the page. Like it’s wanted me to see it. To feel it. To finally get ok with something. I haven’t quite worked out what – although there are a few cues in the back of my mind.

With 16 days left of 2015, most of us are reflecting on the year that was and thinking about plans – and The R Word – for next year. Yep, The R Word. R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-S. Whatever your political stance is on New Years’ Resolutions (and yes, it’s very divisive), you’re probably thinking about what twenty-sixteen is going to look like for you. Like what you see?

Hand in hand with this, we’re feeling all the feels this year offered up.

When you’re doing this... please... above all – Being KIND to yourself. We have this different energy around the Christmas crazies – everything feels a bit different, dontcha reckon? So we automatically get into Doom & Gloom a bit easier than we otherwise would. The same as birthdays (if you’re anything like me)...

Something that can feel really overwhelming at this time of year is the feeling that we haven’t achieved everything we had planned to at the start of the year. And the other things is having to plan, get ready for, amp up, warm up, shut up (!) about next year too! Bleugh! Get a rock in your stomach just thinking about it all? Me too...

I certainly don’t have all the answers about how to make this all better. But I sure as hell know what I DON’T want this whole process to look and feel like, so I’ve devised a wee plan...

Step 1 – Write down or revisit everything you wanted to do this year at the start of the year

Step 2 – Acknowledge:

·         The things you HAVE done – then give yourself a HUGE BIG CUDDLE and throw it on your wish list – have everyone around you ALSO acknowledge this (and give you a huge big cuddle if you’re up for it)... Whether you’re your own boss, an employee, a 24/7 worker (i.e. a mother) or whatever your sitch – if you don’t blow your own trumpet, why should anyone else?

·         The things you haven’t done and are no longer relevant or important to you and your journey – then thank them for their involvement in showing you what is and isn’t important and cross those bad boys off your list and breathe a loud sigh of relief...

·         The things you haven’t done and you would still like to do (then read Step 3)

Step 3 – Choose 1 of those things (or all of them). Journal it. Write about why you want it. Write about how it feel when you do it. Then delve into the reasons why it hasn’t been achieved yet and the blocks that stopped you from getting it done this year.

Step 4 – Then jot down a few ideas on how to overcome those blocks. THESE are the things that go on your New Years Resolution list (not the big picture – just the small steps to overcome the big block)... they’re more achievable and once you’ve conquered them, you pick the next little bit and then the next little bit and so on and so forth.

I’ll give you an example. At the start of 2015, you wanted to lose 15kgs. At the end of 2015, you still want to lose 15kgs. You write about this goal, you think about this goal. You still want it. Badly. So you think of all the things that stopped you from losing that weight. Ate too much food. Did no exercise. Drank too much wine. Didn’t drink enough water. Started a program. Never finished the program. And the list, inevitably, goes on. So you pick one of these blocks to go on next year’s list. Drink more water. That’s it. From Jan 1, I will drink 1 extra glass of water per day until I am consistently having the amount of water that I want to be drinking and know will make me feel better (for me, it’s about 2.5L – I can feel it in my skin and energy levels almost immediately). Once that habit has changed, I pick another of my blocks and focus on adding that to my life. Done. Got it?

Et, Voila. You have some bite-sized teeny-weeny delicious morsels of change and newness to get your hooks into in the New Year – and you’ve lost the overwhelm of Crazy Resolution-ness.