Ep. 15 - Schemas, Perterbation & Experimentation w/- Trudi Pavlovsky

Trudi Pavlovsky

Schemas, Perturbation & Experimentation


Trudi is such an incredible ball of energy, confidence and interesting information, I couldn’t wait to chat with her. When she contacted me a few weeks ago, with some ideas for the show, I was so excited! She used words I hadn’t heard around much and very little idea about what they actually meant.

- Schemas - fancy word for Upper Limiting - the 5 schemas, what they might look like and how they could show up

- How to overcome them (and with whom)

- Perturbation - fancy word for Up-Levelling - what it is, how it feels and what to do with it

- Tandem sky-diving (you know I love me an analogy)

- Trudi’s past business and what she learned

- Experimentation is WHERE IT’S AT

- You are not your business (or are you?)


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Back in 2008, Trudi was on the retail corporate ladder, having worked her way up to the top spot. After getting to the top she realised she didn’t like the view and started creating a new direction. Trudi “Sparkles” Pavlovsky is a quirky, creative woman on a mission to support everyday people to share to their message and skills and to do it in a way that is genuine, connected and unique.


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