Ep. 13 - ASK a RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST - Shilpa Agarwal interviews me!

The gorgeous Shilpa Agarwal is on a mission to interview 100 women about what makes them tick, what inspires them and what their purpose in this life is! I was soooo stoked when she invited me to take part. The process of being asked questions and really digging into some topics that are very dear to my heart was INCREDIBLE and really helped me to articulate what I do as well as my core values and messages. My dog went completely bonkers halfway through too… completely threw us off and was hilarious. 

- Where did all this begin? Motherhood, guilt and ridiculous expectations

- I’m sad that people are too scared to start (or finish) something 

- What’s the 100%, 150% and 200% for each thing you’re doing

- How do you identify your perfectionist?

- The balance is dynamic - it’s all about #FollowTheEnergy

- Get rid of the ‘shoulds'

- The downs are CRUCIAL in highlighting to you where you’ve been distracted or derailed

- It’s all an experiment and nothing really matters 

- It’s empowering to say no

- Personal Responsibility: the gap in between how we thought we would be and what reality is like… have we extended the expectations to make finished impossible

- If you have a heap of jugs (for each, kids, family, Me Time, Family, business, career) and there’s only so much water… it’s about adjusting the levels to suit you at the time

- If I say ‘yes’ to this, what am I saying ‘no’ to? And vv.

- #TrustTheProcess - everything happens for a reason

- Inspiration is an entity and needs mental and physical space

- #FollowTheEnergy - there’s no hard and fast rule about exactly how much time you should spend on anything - do what you want, when you want

- #YesOrNo


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Shilpa Agarwal, the co-founder and Creative Director at ‘Want Solution’ is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Trainer, with an experience of over 10 years. Along with life and business partner Aki in the business, she helps struggling business owners achieve the $100k mark in under 12 months. In Oct 2015, she published, 'Want Solution? There's Always One' and realised one of her biggest life dreams. So now she helps aspiring authors write and publish their book in 90 days, at the author retreat she hosts twice annually, in India.


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